40+ Quotes | Love Is For Suckers (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Love Is For Suckers (2022):

On dating and relationships

“I don’t care about relationships. My life is already busy and tiring without it. But sometimes, I feel so pathetic.” – Gu Yeo Reum

  • “People are all the same these days. Sneakily rushing after a fling.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “Who dates like an old person in this day and age?” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “Older women are cost-effective.” – John Jang
  • “If you want a fling that’s not too serious, you have to meet older women.” – John Jang
  • “Older women don’t pester men. They play well by themselves and spend money well. You might also learn a thing or two when you talk to them.” – John Jang

“Sometimes, an end to a fling can suck way more than a breakup.” – Gu Yeo Reum

  • “Since I reached a certain age, there hasn’t been anyone who liked me. It feels like there’s something wrong with me.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “Putting effort, trying hard, and expecting something. It’s all pathetic.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “From a certain point, no one is curious about me anymore.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “Relationship and cost-effective don’t go in the same sentence together.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “I don’t care for things like flings. Especially with a woman I’m curious about.” – Park Jae Hoon
  • “Why put in so much effort for a bastard like that?” – Park Jae Hoon
  • “Because no one puts in effort for me.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “I get to smile because of you.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “Unless someone genuinely great comes along, let’s entertain each other.” – Park Jae Hoon
  • “Our relationship ended three years ago. But my feelings for you haven’t stopped.” – Kim In Woo
  • “Why did you come back? You should’ve lived well elsewhere. Why did you come back to me?” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “Please marry me. I came back to ask you to marry me.” – Kim In Woo
  • “When you carry around things like this, you must have a man next to you. Then, you won’t be embarrassed.” – Park Jae Hoon
  • “Don’t use the friend excuse to be with her and confuse her. Either try and win her heart, or get lost. Make up your mind like a man.” – Kim In Woo
  • “I’m content with my life right now. How about you?” – Park Jae Hoon
  • “Well, living together and loving each other, promising to love one another forever, going through ups and downs together. It’s easier said than done. I want to try that.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “The more we meet, the more charming you get. You are very wonderful, too. But we can’t be together. This ambiguous relationship, let’s end it today.” – Park Jae Hoon
  • “Playing with each other’s feelings, dipping your toe in the water. Instead of all that, I just want to have a genuine and crazy love.” – Gu Yeo Reum

“What’s so great about a guy abandoning his girl on the street?” – Park Jae Hoon

On life and humanity

“It’s just another day. But sometimes I want my heart to flutter. I want to be special.” – Gu Yeo Reum

  • “Everyone watches on OTT these days. Who actually watches TV?” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “I clean the sink whenever I’m sad.” – Dae Sik
  • “A man prosperous for his tongue will also be ruined by his tongue.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “Working to make ends meet is torture.” – Gu Yeo Reum

“Whar’s the meaning of life? What’s the point of living if we keep suffering?” – Gu Yeo Reum

  • “They say you should pay more attention to those who are lacking.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “Our job is someone else’s dream job.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “At some point in my life, birthdays became insignificant.” – Gu Yeo Reum

“Out of the 365 days of the year, at least for today, I want to shine.” – Gu Yeo Reum

  • “There is no way to avoid it, so how about enjoying it?” – Director
  • “Let’s refrain from making unprofessional and rude remarks to each other.” – Gu Yeo Reum
  • “In this world, there is no such thing as light vulgarity.” – Kang Chaeri
  • “It’s just a white background.” – Park Jae Hoon
  • “That’s why it’s more meaningful. It may look like nothing but there are seasons of strokes hiding within that artwork.” – Ji Yeon

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Synopsis: The sweet yet salty romance between an entertainment production director who is desperate for work and love, and a plastic surgeon who has lost interest for work and dating.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Choi Si-won, Lee Da-hee
Writer: Kim Sol-ji
Director:  Choi Kyu Shik
Network: ENA, Amazon Prime Video, Viki
Date: October 5, 2022

Subtitle translation: Amazon Prime Video