Villains (2023) Korean Drama

TVING’s Villains (2023) is the competitive story and bloody confrontation between villains over counterfeit or forged bills of extreme high quality, called “Super Note”. It introduces a genius sociopath who sees his crimes a masterpiece, a corrupt detective who takes bribes from people, a former head of NIS Financial Crime who chases after the sociopath who made his life a mess, and a counterfeit bill artist who seeks revenge against the sociopath whose crime ruined her life.

Genre: Crime, Thriller
Also known as: The Golden Age Of Villains
No of episodes: TBA
Writer: Kim Hyung-joon
Director: Jin Hyeok
Network: TVING
Date: 2023

Main Cast: 

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Source: Naver – Sports Chosun | Images: TVING, HanCinema