80+ Quotes | Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022)

Updated: December 5, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022):

On palace duties, leadership, and politics

“The mother of the kingdom? Nonsense. Life as the Queen is extremely hard.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“Be it medicine or power, everything should be used to save people.’ – Physician Yoo

  • “Do you think the world will change in any way if you expose the truth?” – Queen Dowager
  • “It may not change. But I do know that it will not be the same as before.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“Even if everything in the past is exposed, that will never change the fact that you have been a sage king.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“If I cannot become the Crown Prince, I will aim for the throne.” – Prince Uiseong

“Unlike other young ladies who only learn from their books, she is like a gemstone. Not only did she step up and help the weak, but she was also very compassionate. Is there a better quality than that as the Crown Princess?” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“If the King does not understand the suffering of the people, he is no better than a puppet.” – Grand Prince Seongnam

  • “If the people complain about the King despite their fear, it means their suffering is unbearable.” – Grand Prince Seongnam
  • “If you already engage in misconduct, what will you possibly be able to do as officials in the future?” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“It’s undesirable for the ignorant to be blinded by their faith. But what is even more undesirable is that those who should have principles act against conscience.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“Becoming the crown prince is not the only way to prove yourself.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“Even though the King possesses ultimate power, he cannot do everything by himself.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“I cannot crown the prince according to what others want, but according to who truly has what it takes.” – King Yi Ho

“If I can put things right, I am ready to risk everything to become the Crown Prince.” – Grand Prince Seongnam

  • “I did not give up. You missed your chance.” – King Yi Ho
  • “If the King cannot, then who can? Is there really nothing that can be done?” – Grand Prince Seongnam
  • “Even a stray dog serves only one master whom it has given its heart to.” – Court Lady Shin
  • “Are you willing to punish your mother?” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “We are not here to investigate him. Our mission is to bring him to the palace.” – Prince Bogeom

“Whoever becomes the Crown Prince, must be decided by me.” – Queen Dowager

“You shall consider the words of the Queen as mine.” – King Yi Ho

  • “Restoring the health of the ill Crown Prince is the way to protect the future of the kingdom.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “If anyone did anything wrong, all of you and I should be blamed for failing to protect the Crown Prince.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“A crown prince is not born. He is made.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “One’s worth is determined by the position that one holds. You must stand your ground.” – Queen Dowager
  • “Can you not just be supportive no matter what decision I make?” – King Yi Ho

“Being the Crown Prince means being in power.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“If one entrusts an unworthy subject to lead the country, the nation will face great catastrophes.” – Crown Prince

  • “Should you not do something about those troublemakers?” – Queen Dowager
  • “By troublemakers, do you perhaps mean the Grand Princes?” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “They may be mischievous but they would never harm anyone.” – Crown Prince
  • “Do you all think you are special because you are the sons of the Queen?” – Queen Dowager
  • “I have my duties as the Crown Prince.” – Crown Prince
  • “You cannot fulfill them if you lose your health.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “Your majesty, you should stop telling me your secrets.” – Senior Court Lady Shin
  • “But who else would I tell such things?” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “While the road to bringing up a king is long and winding, every step of it is worthwhile.” – Queen Dowager
  • “In the palace, turn a blind eye to things you see, forget things you hear, and if there is something you wish to say, keep your mouth shut.” – Queen Dowager
  • “The fire was rather a spectacular sight.” – Queen Dowager
  • “A fire surely does not occur very frequently in the palace.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

On motherhood

“Mother, I cannot hide behind you forever. I wish to truly live as myself.” – Grand Prince Gyeseong

“Even if you intend to help your child, if you choose the wrong means, you may end up harming your child.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “As a parent, you should not let your child go down a dangerous path.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “I also find motherhood the most challenging. They say the duty of a parent is not to lead the way but to show their child the path they have walked.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“Just because I am a mother and an adult does not mean I am right all the time.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“When I see all of you, all my fear is swept away.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “Is a woman unable to do anything after losing her husband? You must pull yourself together and survive.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “You are a mother. How could you point a knife at yourself? If I were you, I would use that bravery to protect the Grand Heir.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“Be a mother who scolds their child when they do something wrong.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“Your brother who suddenly passed away is not the only one in your life. You also have his children and your younger brothers.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“No matter how hard I search, there is no place in this palace where I can cry out loud.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “A mother is meant to laugh and cry over every event in the life of her child.” – Queen Dowager
  • “Whenever you want to see your true self, look at that painting.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “It is your grandson who is in poor health. It is not some stranger on the street.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “I worry more about the future of my son’s nation and my palace than I worry about him.” – Queen Dowager

“No matter how you look, you will always be my child.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

On life and humanity

  • “It is time for you to put down the burden and be freed.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “I wish to undo this wrongful knot and right the wrongs.” – King Yi Ho
  • “I have lived all my life within the palace. There is still an entire world out there that I wish to face.” – Grand Prince Gyeseong

“Thump. Thump. This is the usual speed of my heartbeat. But whenever I see you, thump, thump, thump, thump. It beats normally. It means I like you.” – Crown Princess / Lady Yoon

“It is your greed that killed him.” – Master Toji

“When things are tough, it is okay to say so. It is alright to show that you are in pain. Only then will others know that you are not alright.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “The world is full of people seeking to take advantage of those blinded by their goals.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong
  • “Does your physical fatigue clear your mind?” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“It is more important to survive than to remain faithful.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “Are you telling me to live in guilt?” – Grand Prince Seongnam
  • “One’s dream never dies unless one runs away.” – Grand Prince Seongnam
  • “An unmarried man and woman should not share the same room.” – Grand Prince Seongnam

“No one is perfect. Maybe everyone has holes like this gyeyeongbae. Even I, the Queen, am full of those holes.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“As long as you are content, you can say you are living a good life even if it is not full.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“To force yourself to do something you do not want. That is shameful.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“I like that it has these holes. It knows when to empty itself and drains whatever is unnecessary.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“When you want to do something, you should give it a try. When you are unhappy, you should resist. And be stubborn sometimes. Give yourself room to breathe.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “If everyone believes so, then it becomes the truth.” – Hwang Won Hyeong
  • “The more gruesome the rumor is, the faster and further it spreads.” – Hwang Won Hyeong

“One may have very different wishes from those of others. However, one should not reveal everything in their heart.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “It is said that a wise man who knows right from wrong is careful even when he drinks from a stream that belongs to no one.” – Teacher
  • “One’s criticism only ring hollow unless one earns their right.” – Consort Hwang
  • “When a cow drinks water, it becomes milk. When a snake drinks water, it becomes poison. It is too early to tell whether this is an opportunity or a trap.” – Consort Hwang
  • “I am nothing more than a failure.” – Deposed Queen Yoon
  • “If you could turn back time, what would you do?” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“I do not care if you serve the Queen Dowager or anyone else. You are the only person that I have.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

  • “Nothing is more engaging than something that happens unannounced.” – Queen Dowager
  • “It is not true unless you are certain of it.” – Queen Dowager
  • “Rumors are covered by rumors.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

“There will come a day when those who have different wishes from those of others no longer have to hide.” – Queen Hwa Ryeong

Genre: Historical, Black comedy
Synopsis: A hot-tempered yet charismatic queen deals with her troublemaking sons and withstands trials to mold them into proper crown princes.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Kim Hye-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Choi Won-young
Writer: Park Ba-ra
Director: Kim Hyung-sik
Network: tvN, Netflix
Date: October 15, 2022

Netflix English subtitle translation by: Min-ji Kim, Eun-sook Yoon