Look: Korean Actors Share Overseas Vacation On Instagram [2022]

It is good to see famous Korean actors taking a break from their busy schedules. While some of them drive to the countryside, others fly overseas and explore a different culture. Here are some Korean actors who shared their travel experience and meaningful vacation abroad on Instagram this year:

In random order.

Kim Se-jeong in Thailand.

After a busy schedule with two dramas, A Business Proposal (2022) and Today’s Webtoon (2022), Kim Se-jeong relished her vacation and basked in the land of smiles and sunshine, Thailand. She also enjoyed diving.

Lee Joon-gi in Vietnam.

The prosecutor and action star in Again My Life (2022), Lee Joon-gi, traveled to the beach side of Vietnam.

Go Ara in USA.

It looks like Go Ara is making the best of life by exploring the world, traveling here and there.

Bae Doona in USA.

Bae Doona explored the beautiful rocks on a sunny day with her comfortable summer attire.

Choi Woo-shik in USA.

It’s a therapeutic walk by the beach on a clear, bright day for Choi Woo-shik.

Lee Byung-hun in USA.

Top star, Lee Byung-hun, spent time with his family at the Universal Studios in USA.

Gong Yoo in USA.

Another top star, Gong Yoo, enjoyed roaming around in another country like an ordinary man.

Jung Ho-yeon in USA.

Rocks. Blue skies. Sunlight. Squid Game (2021) star and model Jung Ho-yeon spent time exploring a famous tourist spot.

Lee Sang-yi in Australia.

It’s creating memories in Australia for actor-singer Lee Sang-yi.

Zo In-sung in Paris.

Bonjour! Zo In-sung walked around in Paris, exploring walls, bridges, streets, and the famous tower.

Lee Se-young in Paris.

The Law Cafe (2022) star, Lee Se-young, is making the most of her visit in Paris, exploring the city, restaurants, and attractions.

Cha Eun-woo in Paris.

South Korean heartthrob, Cha Eun-woo, shared his amazing trip to Paris in a series of photos.

Yim Si-wan in London.

Amid work trip in London, actor Yim Si-wan spent time to pose against the backdrop of the beautiful city, spreading handsomeness and sunshine on a cold day.

Seo In-guk and Jung So-min in Toronto.

Project Wolf Hunting (2022) stars, Seo In-guk and Jung So-min, made time to roam around Toronto during the promotion of their movie. Jung So-min also shared meaningful memories of her travel through her vlog here.

Han Hyo-joo in Thailand.

It’s work and play for Han Hyo-joo who made sure to take a break and explore the country of Thailand.

Son Su-kku in Manila.

Oppa Son Su-kku who went to Manila for a filming project made time to roam around and enjoy the city.