Can We Be Strangers? (2023) Korean Drama

ENA’s Can We Be Strangers? (2023) follows an ex-married couple who are both lawyers that specialize in divorce. They find themselves working together as colleagues dealing with cases related to divorce and relationships.

Genre: Drama, Legal, Romance
Also known as: Can I Be Someone Else?, Strangers Again
No of episodes: 12
Writer: Park Jin-ri
Director: Kim Yang-hee
Network: ENA, Genie TV
Streaming platform: Viki
Date: January 18, 2023

Main cast

Nielsen Korea: Nationwide TV Viewership Ratings

1.0%1January 18
1.1%2January 19
1.1%3January 25
1.4%4January 26
1.2%5February 1
1.5%6February 2
1.3%7February 8
1.6%8February 9
1.3%9February 15
1.5%10February 16
1.2%11February 22
1.7%12February 23
Source: Nielsen Korea

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Official teaser, trailer

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