30+ Quotes | Trolley (2022)

Updated: January 12, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Trolley (2022):

On politics and leadership

“Collateral damage is inevitable for the greater good.” – Nam Joong Do

  • “You know what’s great about the internet? You throw them a bone, and they all jump on it at once.” – Nam Joong Do
  • “I welcome controversy. That controversy will arouse people’s interest and make what’s impossible, possible.” – Nam Joong Do

“A truly competent politician should be able to turn such a crisis into an opportunity.” – Chairwoman Woo Jin Seok

“Don’t give a criminal a narrative. That’s what the audience says these days when characters in movies or dramas say something like that. They refuse to give criminals any room for pity or being understood. That’s the public sentiment.” – Mr. Jang

  • “If you had to choose between the world you dream of and your wife, which one would you choose?” – Mr. Jang
  • “Politicians’ families are public figues, too.” – Nam Joong Do
  • “If you think about it, singles with no parents would make the best politicians. There’s no risk of family trouble.”

“If you’re unmarried, it’s ‘Why aren’t you married?’ If you don’t have kids, it’s ‘Why din’t you have kids?’ You’re criticized for anything you do or don’t do. That’s our fate as politicians.” – Chairwoman Woo Jin Seok

“A protective measure for her? Or for yourself?” – Mr. Jang

“A shared goal is more important than with whom you sit.” – Chairwoman Woo Jin Seok

“I can’t say that I’m not greedy at all. Why else would I be here?” – Nam Joong Do

“I may not be able to resolve everything but it provides a chance to vent their frustrations and feel heard.” – Nam Joong Do

  • “One must keep his home in peace to reign the world in peace.” – Kang Soon Hong
  • “How can he manage state affairs when he can’t even bring up his son properly?” – Kang Soon Hong

“I truly hope your personal tragedy becomes the seed to building a hopeful future for our society.” – Reporter

“I don’t know anything about politics or how things work in your world. But as you said, that’s one of the things an assemblyman can do, right?” – Kim Hye Joo

On life and humanity

  • “Betting my life on him was the best option I had, and I will make it the best decision of my life.,” – Mr. Jang
  • “It’s always hard for those who are left behind.”

“I learned that one day is all it takes for my entire life to be turned upside down.” – Kim Hye Joo

  • “I tend to say ‘conserve’ rather than ‘fix’.” – Kim Hye Joo
  • “I gave you up to share with the world, right?” – Kim Hye Joo
  • “Ever since I fell in love with him, I have never once doubted the kind heart he has toward this world that we lived in.” – Kim Hye Joo

“Most parents beg for mercy when their children do something wrong but I did the opposite.” – Nam Joong Do

  • “If you were to lose your child, what would you rather have the cause of death be? Suicide, murder, or an accident?” – Nam Joong Do
  • “The last one would be the least painful.” – Mr. Jang

“When a quiet person causes a problem, it tends to be a huge one.”

“There may be no proof or witnesses, but I still believe you. Because it’s you.” – Nam Joong Do

“There are things that nobody ever dreams of ever happening. Although nobody meant for it to happen at times, it happens without fail. We call this an accident.” – Kim Hye Joo

“You and I were total strangers at first. Everyone is a stranger at first.” – Kim Hye Joo

“The least you can do is to keep your mouths shut if you can’t empathize with him.” – Chairwoman Woo Jin Seok

“Before I knew you as an assemblyman, I knew you as my husband that I trusted, loved, and married.” – Kim Hye Joo

Genre: Mystery, Melodrama, Political
Synopsis: The story of a married couple who faces a dilemma when a case exposed to the public involves the wife, exposing her personal secret, which the politician husband is not even aware of.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Kim Hyun-joo, Park Hee-soon, Kim Mu-yeol, Ryu Hyun-kyung, Ki Tae-young, Jung Soo-bin
Writer: Ryu Bo-ri
Director: Kim Mun-kyo
Network: SBS
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: December 19, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation:
Soo-ji Kim, Eun-sook Yoon