40+ Quotes | The Fabulous (2022)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, The Fabulous (2022):

On life, career, and humanity

“There are people who shine in hidden places.” – Ahn Nam Hee

“A dream is not something you can just give up on.” – Ye Seon Ho

  • “My life is full of stress and no fun. I should at least eat something tasty.” – Pyo Ji Eun
  • “I don’t expect you to read the newspaper but you should watch the news as an adult.” – Lee Nam Jin
  • “Like you said, why make a fuss over some random comments from a bunch of nobodies? Who cares about blogs or Instagram?” – Madam Jang

“When you’re sad and upset, when there’s no way out, shout it out. Don’t cry about it.” – Ji Woo Min

  • “What’s wrong with working in the fashion industry?” – Pyo Ji Eun
  • “What people think, what people say, is that what matters to you?” – Lee Nam Jin

‘I want to do something that recognizes you on the inside, not the outside.” – Ye Seon Ho

  • “It’s not like I can do it at the moment but I’ll make it happen someday.” – Joseph
  • “As the saying goes, sincerity is often met with sincerity.” – Lee Nam Jin
  • “The power lies in the interaction because you can communicate with anyone whenever, wherever now.” – Thierry Henry

“That’s the power of vintage. Even when it’s faded and old, its presence still shines.” – Jin Young Soo

“What’s more exciting than the thrill that comes from passion?” – Madam Jang

“Whatever comes to mind, just improvise. Ride or die.” – Pyo Ji Eun

“I don’t always have a dream. I have a dream sometimes, but then it changes, and I find another by chance. That’s how dreams are.” – Ji Woo Min

On romance and dating

“Go and date a woman who gets you. I’ll date a nice man who understands me.” – Pyo Ji Eun

  • “Males have a sharp sense of smell.” – Ye Seon Ho
  • “Alcohol ruins your health and sex ruins your relationships.” – Ye Seon Ho
  • “Handsome men like us struggle to make the first move.” – Shim Do Young

“Love doesn’t stay still so don’t just sit around for it. You have to make a move and show your feelings.” – Shim Do Young

  • “Maybe I only like stuff that I’m used to.” – Pyo Ji Eun
  • “That makes you comfortable, right?” – Ji Woo Min
  • “Is that why I’m comfortable with you?” – Pyo Ji Eun

“Why would I miss you? I can see you anytime.” – Ji Woo Min

  • “Am I your regular diner? That you can just visit anytime?” – Pyo Ji Eun
  • “No, I’m your regular diner. So you can come by anytime.” – Ji Woo Min
  • “If there are no VIP privileges, I’m not interested.” – Pyo Ji Eun

“You told me not to do anything but I had to do something.” – Lee Nam Jin

  • “I’ll do everything I can.” – Pyo Ji Eun
  • “Me, too. I also want to do everything I can for you.” – Lee Nam Jin

“Don’t you know how I feel? You were never just a friend. I’ve always seen you as my girl.” – Ji Woo Min

  • “He tried to take me as I am, but I thought I had to change who I was to better fit him. So that was difficult.” – Pyo Ji Eun
  • “I’d like to go back to how I used to feel. Let’s stop being friends.” – Ji Woo Min
  • “It’s a losing battle for now, but I’ll try until I win.” – Ji Woo Min

“It’s like bouncing a ball against the wall. If I hit the ball hard, it comes back at you. If I don’t hit it hard, it retreats and doesn’t come back. It’s heartbreaking. But at the same time, I love it.” – Ji Woo Min

  • “You’re not supposed to give your girlfriend shoes as a present. I might put these shoes on and run away.” – Pyo Ji Eun
  • “I want you to put them on and run to me.” – Lee Nam Jin

“But those shoes don’t fit me. It felt like I had to force myself into them. And sometimes, it felt like they were so loose that I had to drag my feet. It really did. Even though I tried, they weren’t for me.” – Pyo Ji Eun

  • “We’ve always been like this. You’re always late. The timing’s always wrong. Nothing ever works out.” – Pyo Ji Eun
  • “The timing’s all wrong? I’m too late? Watch me how I catch up. I’m going to start running at full speed now to you.” – Ji Woo Min
  • “If my feelings are making it hard for you, I want to stop, too. But I can’t. You still make my heart race. I still want to be by your side.” – Ji Woo Min

“I know you’re trying to draw a line and ignore how I feel. But I want to hold onto you like a fool.” – Ji Woo Min

  • “It doesn’t matter if you’re with someone, I’ll do my best.” – Ji Woo Min
  • “When you feel sure, will you come to me?” – Ji Woo Min
  • “What I want is more of those moments with you.” – Ji Woo Min

“The moment our hands touched, all the feelings I tried to bury kept rising to the surface. I tried to be cool but I wasn’t sure if we could stay just friends. But deep inside, I guess I wanted to keep seeing you, even as just friends.” – Pyo Ji Eun

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Synopsis: Four bestfriends chase their dreams alongside fashion’s elite while juggling demanding jobs, romantic dilemmas, and wild nights in town.
No of episodes: 8
Cast: Chae Soo-bin, Choi Min-ho
Writers: Kim Ji-hee, Lim Jin-sun
Director: Kim Jeong-hyeon
Streaming platform: Netflix
Date: December 23, 2022

Subtitle translation: Netflix