Taxi Driver 2 (2023) Korean Drama

SBS’ Taxi Driver 2 (2023) is the second season of the action-crime series that is based on a webtoon and inspired by actual real life heinous crimes committed in South Korea. Part 1 began with Kim Do-gi, a military captain who comes home with the sight of her mother dead from a murder. He becomes a special taxi driver for Rainbow Taxi Company, a secret company that offers service to its clients who seek justice for the crimes committed to them but neglected by the law, helping them take revenge.

Genre: Crime, Action, Revenge, Black comedy
Also known as: Model Taxi
Based on: the webtoon The Deluxe Taxi (Red Cage) by Carlos and Lee Jae-jin
No of episodes: 16 (Season 1); 16 (Season 2)
Writers: Oh Sang-ho, Lee Ji-hyun (Season 1); Oh Sang-ho (Season 2)
Directors: Park Joon-woo (Season 1); Lee-dan (Season 2)
Network: SBS
Streaming platform: Viu
Date: April 9, 2021 (Season 1); February 17, 2023 (Season 2)

Main cast (Season 2)

Nielsen Korea: Nationwide TV Viewership Ratings

RatingSouth Korean
viewers in millions
12.1%2.3701February 17
10.3%2.1552February 18
13.2%2.4483February 24
11.3%2.3644February 25
14.7%2.8405March 3
14.4%2.9126March 11
13.0%2.3557March 17
16.0%3.0728March 18
13.4%2.5379March 24
17.7%3.33710March 25
14.5%2.66411March 31
18.3%3.38712April 1
16.1%3.09813April 7
18.3%3.49614April 8
15.7%2.87015April 14
21.0%4.00516April 15
Source: Nielsen Korea

Good Data: Drama Buzzworthy Rankings

2023DramaLee Je-hoonPyo Ye-jinShin Jae-haNamgoong MinKim So-yeonMoon Chae-won
February week 32nd3rd
February week 42nd4th
March week 12nd5th6th
March week 21st1st
March week 31st1st4th
March week 41st1st4th2nd
March week 51st1st2nd
April week 11st1st2nd
April week 21st1st4th2nd6th9th
Source: Good Data Korea

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