30+ Quotes | Payback (2023)

Updated: January 16, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Payback (2023):

On law and revenge

“There is no law that can punish me for revealing the truth.” – Park Joon Gyeong

  • “This fight. You might end up losing everything you have.” – Park Joon Gyeong
  • “The law serves no purpose for them. Doing time in prison will only affect their health. If they still have everything even after they get released, this cycle will just repeat itself.” – Eun Yong
  • “Although I won’t have dignity as a soldier, I’ll make sure to retrieve the dignity that you once lost.” – Park Joon Gyeong

“Take my hand now. I will make you the highest-level prosecutor in this country.” – Eun Yong

“No matter how steep the price, I’ll fight until the end.” – Park Joon Gyeong

  • “Are you going to drink from his cup?” – Eun Yong
  • “I see you’re not a prosecutor but just a legal professional.” – Park Joon Gyeong
  • “We have the evidence to prove a crime, but you’re looking through the books, searching for reasons to disprove it.” – Park Joon Gyeong

“Using the law as a shield, capturing a few thugs to close cases. You’ll be transferred to Special Investigations in no time.” – Park Joon Gyeong

“You can’t win by playing fair in this dirty playing field.” – Eun Yong

“The only way to take back what’s stolen is to fight and win with your own strength.” – Eun Yong

“I wanted to succeed more than anything. A prosecutor punishing forces of evil in the most awesome way.” – Jang Tae Chun

  • “Prosecutors must not get personal. Personal feelings, greed, personal life…” – Park Jung Doo
  • “What about a personal sense of duty?” – Jang Tae Chun

“A prosecutor’s true power isn’t showcased when they exercise the power to persecute, but when they choose not to.” – Nam Sang Il

“Among judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, I heard prosecution is the only place you can make it big with skill alone regardless of your background, and that’s why I chose it.” – Jang Tae Chun

“Prosecutors are all about skills? I don’t think so. Could it be that even if I try hard, what’s not meant to be won’t be?” – Jang Tae Chun

On money and humanity

“I’m a businessman. My weapon is money, not the law.” – Eun Yong

“Only when you’re standing up this high can you see far ahead and broaden your horizons.” – Eun Yong

“High places are always dangerous. That’s why you must get used to it, to be able to stand in high places.” – Eun Yong

“The heart weakens if the body is too comfortable.” – Park Joon Gyeong

  • “At the time, we thought we could change the world. But now that time has passed, I realized the world has changed us.” – Ms. Park
  • “I used to drink with your mom after I put you to bed. Now I’m drinking with you after putting her to bed.” – Eun Yong

“The world was always a jungle. I was the one who drew the short stick in the game called life. Survival of the strongest. Winner takes all. In a jungle where money rules, law and justice was a luxury I was never granted with.” – Eun Yong

“If you think about it, taking revenge on someone is too risky compared to the reward.”

  • “She was a silver lining to me, who was living in a world where only the strongest survived.” – Eun Yong
  • “You should always pay back what you owe.” – Eun Yong
  • “Don’t weigh your losses but you values.” – Eun Yong

“There’s a lot you can do with money.” – Eun Yong

“Life was different when I was poor. Nobody wanted me except for good-for-nothings. I had nowhere to go.” – Eun Yong

“There’s something about family. When he grabbed my hand, something tugged at my heartstrings.” – Eun Yong

“People like us, we don’t have a lot of options.” – Eun Yong

“Without money, you become nothing. You become scum, like that fool.” – Myung Inju

“You can eat the food from the bowl but don’t break the bowl.” – Oh Chang Yeon

Genre: Legal, Thriller, Revenge
Also known as: Law Money, The Law, Beopjjeon
Synopsis: The stories of people who refuse to remain silent in the face of unjust authorities and risk everything by fighting against a money (jjeon) cartel that has conspired with the law (beop).
No. of episodes: TBA
Cast: Lee Sun-kyun, Moon Chae-won, Kang Yoo-seok, Park Hoon
Written by: Kim Won-seok
Directed by: Lee Won-tae
Network: SBS
Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video
Date: January 6, 2023

Subtitle translation: Amazon Prime Video