Unlocked (2023) Korean Movie

Netflix’s Unlocked (2023) is a Korean film based on a bestselling Japanese novel that tells the story of an ordinary office worker whose life turns upside down when a dangerous young man gets a hold of her lost mobile phone, using it to track her every move. Meanwhile, a detective who investigates a crime scene discovers traces that lead to his own son, suspecting him as the culprit.

Genre: Crime,Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
Running time: 117 minutes
Writer: Kim Tae-joon
Director: Kim Tae-joon
Distributor: Netflix
Release date: February 17, 2023 (Netflix worldwide)


Netflix Worldwide: Non-English Film Rankings

Week2023RankViewing hours
1Feb 13 – 193rd8,870,000
2Feb 20 – 261st16,150,000
3Feb 27 – Mar 54th5,460,000
4Mar 6 – 127th2,610,000
Source: Netflix Top 10

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Source: Naver – Dispatch | Images: Netflix