30 Quotes | Love To Hate You (2023)

Updated: February 24, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Love To Hate You (2023):

On life and humanity

“When your life gets hard and you do something you’d regret, that makes it even harder.” – Won Jun

“One of the hardest things to endure is embarassment.” – Won Jun

“What you men call ‘work life’ is full of flattery and peer pressure. I can be part of those, too. I’m just appalled by them.” – Yeo Mi Ran

“If you only try to see the good, you see good people. And if you only see the bad, you see bad people, right?” – Na Eun

“I can stand other people hating me, but I can’t live with hating myself.” – Choi Soo Jin

On dating and relationships

“It’s a crime when an older man meets a young woman. So why is it romance when an older woman meets a young man?” – Nam Kang Ho

  • “You always have to doubt men. A reliable guy? A friend? Trust no one, not even my friend. There is no exception.” – Yeo Mi Ran
  • “A fact about men. They care about women who can dump them anytime, but they don’t care about women who can’t live without them.” – Yeo Mi Ran
  • “When a star sees a pretty girl who’s not a celebrity, it’s got to be more impressive to him  right?” – Na Eun

“Women are attracted to bad guys not because they are bad. Our hearts beat faster for bad guys showing a good side than for good guys who are good all the time.” – Yeo Mi Ran

“The more romantic it gets, the bigger the heartbreak.” – Nam Kang Ho

  • “The best way to disarm a woman is to compliment her looks.” – Nam Kang Ho
  • “Cute and pretty. They sound like compliments but complimenting one’s looks means you’re looking down on the person.” – Yeo Mi Ran

“Love isn’t bad. It’s the people that are bad.” – Choi Soo Jin

  • “When in love, we are in our purest state.” – Choi Soo Jin
  • “The life span of love hormones is three months at least and maybe three years at most.” – Yeo Mi Ran

“I’m well-off on my own. But to be treated like a Cinderella who’s dating a top star, is a crappy feeling.” – Yeo Mi Ran

  • “If one thinks they’re in a relationship, but the other insists it’s flirting, is it just flirting?” – Na Eun
  • “The moment you tell the person that you like them. I like you. From that moment, it’s no longer flirting.” – Won Jun

“You’re the most awesome woman I’ve ever met in my life.” – Nam Kang Ho

  • “Even though I’ve met 100 guys, you are the first to have ever met my family.” – Yeo Mi Ran
  • “Meeting all those men led me to decide not to get married.” – Yeo Mi Ran

“I’ve dated men I didn’t like before. So why not date a man that I like?” – Yeo Mi Ran

“It’s true that men are atrracted to unfamiliar women. You were so unfamiliar.” – Nam Kang Ho

  • “A good person isn’t someone who is just nice but someone who changes others into nice people.” – Yeo Mi Ran
  • “Being wary of men because of your past experiences will ultimately torment you the most.” – Won Jun

“Memories or yearnings aren’t love. Love is a person.” – Nam Kang Ho

  • “I can’t give up on the woman I love just because I feel bad for you.” – Nam Kang Ho
  • “When you’re in love, you become more generous.” – Yeo Mi Ran

“I was the one who wanted to end it, but I’m the one who can’t let go.” – Yeo Mi Ran

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Also known as: Love Battle
Synopsis: A romantic comedy about a woman who despises losing to men and a man who distrusts women.
No of episodes: 10
Cast: Kim Ok-vin, Teo Yoo, Kim Ji-hoon, Go Won-hee 
Writer: Choi Soo-young
Director: Kim Jung-kwon
Network: Netflix
Date: February 10, 2023

Subtitle translation: Netflix