30+ Quotes | Joseon Attorney: A Morality (2023)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean drama, Joseon Attorney: A Morality (2023):

“Nobody comes to Hanyang without a story to tell, and nobody leaves Hanyang without a story.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

  • “People like to catch and lock up anything they find, I see.” – Princess Yeon Joo
  • “Is it important to punish someone or save someone?” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “Confidence is everything when it comes to a lawsuit.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “Not a lot of attorneys bother to look up the originals. Why? Because they are lazy.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

“Do you know why blood smells like iron? That is the smell of money. People love money so much that even their blood smells like it.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

“The world is not that easy. If you hope for change, you will be trampled down.” – Master Jang

  • “Things will not end just because the regency ends. You must increase your power. Keep subjects who support you and give you power by your side, and then establish a principle which you can depend on.” – Princess Yeon Joo
  • “I wish to cut out the rotten things of this world by using the law, then sprout new life in return.” – Princess Yeon Joo

“Does this mean a woman should put up with everything? No. That is unreasonable.” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won

  • “Is it not the attorney’s job to help those who were unfairly treated?” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won
  • “Hastily trusting a person is poison for an attorney.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “The government should help those who were unfairly treated.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “The law is like a handkerchief to those who are wronged, I believe. Please be her handkerchief.” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won
  • “Just because it worked once, it does not mean it will work twice.” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won

“There are many paths in one’s life. Only the heart has closed doors.” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won

“I thought you were too cynical about the world and awfully twisted inside. But now I know. It was the world that was twisted. You were looking at it accurately.” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won

  • “For your own happiness, enjoy what you deserve with pride.” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won
  • “How am I to turn away from a woman whom I am betrothed to?” – Magistrate Yoo Ji Sun

“The girl always appears in times like these. When I am in the most embarrassing state. And when I desperately need her.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

  • “The law is meant to save people. Not kill them.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “I believe that two different people coming together to work for one common goal is as important as a wedding.” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won
  • “Do you not have too much authority compared to your qualifications and abilities?” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “She may be alive but we cannot call that living.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

“When an ordinary woman like her hurts another out of her deep resentment, it means she has hurt her own soul, too.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

  • “If you hear the truth, will you be able to forgive me?” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won
  • “These shoes will take you anywhere you want and help you go over any kinds of humps. They will take you to a better and a more precious place.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “I am not the type to procastinate and goof around. But I have changed after meeting you.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “My purpose in life. I will set it to make you live a happy life. So that you can be happy and that your life purpose could be to simply live on. I will work hard and live. Whatever it takes, I will do it.” – Princess Yeon Joo / So Won
  • “It was to take revenge at first. But now, that is not everything. I have become wanting to live a decent life and to be a real attorney.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

“I did not care when or how I died. I did not dream of happiness at all. But for the first time, I wanted to stay alive. And I even made up my mind to live a decent life.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

  • “If you experience a miracle, you do not die easily.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “I will recover in a few days when I get hurt but when you get hurt, I will never recover.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo
  • “I wait for you and you wait for me. We will wait for each other.” – Attorney Kang Han Soo

“I have decided to protect Han Soo and nothing can stop me. If I must lie about who I am, I will do so. If I must be the villain, I will gladly be one.” – Princess Yeon Joo

Genre: Historical, Revenge, Action, Drama
Also known as: Joseon Lawyer
Synopsis: The story of a revengeful lawyer who transforms into an attorney with a heart for people.
No of episodes: TBA
Cast: Woo Do-hwan, Bona, Cha Hak-yeon
Writer: Choi Jin-young
Directors: Kim Seung-ho, Lee Han-joon
Network: MBC
Streaming platform: Viu
Date: March 31, 2023

Subtitle translation: Viu