50+ Quotes | True To Love (2023)

Updated: May 11, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean drama, True To Love (2023):

“Dating is no longer a necessity in this day and age. Difficulty of getting a job, soaring high prices, harsh reality and uncertain future are causing anxiety these days. So many people think dating is no longer a good idea. It has become the first thing we put off or give up.” – Yeon Bora

“For today’s generation, dating requires money, time, emotions, and energy, with a big chance of failure. It’s nothing but a luxury that one can hardly afford. It’s definity not cost-effective considering the risk of getting hurt.” – Yeon Bora

  • “Am I in a relationship where I’ll have no regrets later?” – Yeon Bora
  • “Every love story has an ending. For a happy ending in our love story, what do we need?” – Yeon Bora
  • “Being true to your feelings and sincerity is what a relationship needs.” – Lee Su Hyeok
  • “Live up to the expectations but be unexpected.” – Yeon Bora

“What moves a man is not nagging or orders. You have to nudge them to do it. Nudge him to ask you out, nudge him to say sorry, nudge him to pop the question.”

“You’re not in a relationship unless it’s been verbally defined.” – Yeon Bora

“There’s only one ending with a guy who won’t commit. It’ll be over without a word, not knowing when or why. Nothing more. Just as he could date without asking, he could end it without saying anything. It’s a perfect situation for a bad boy.” – Yeon Bora

  • “Even if he doesn’t care for the value of diamonds, if he recognizes that it is a universal symbol of love, he will willingly buy it and place it on your finger.” – Yeon Bora
  • “If there’s no message, can you call it a gift?” – Yeon Bora
  • “His every word and action brings you heaven one day and hell another. He’s what we call a typical bad boy”. – Yeon Bora

“Cheating is a completely decent reason to break up.” – Yeon Bora

  • “There are no winners or losers in love. Winning percentage doesn’t matter.” – Lee Su Hyeok
  • “She was on a high horse, being a dating coach. But she cries alone and falls.” – Lee Su Hyeok
  • “He’s not crazy about his work. He’s just crazy.” – Yeon Bora

“We knew each other so well, maybe better than ourselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we understood each other well. We just knew each other so well that we could hit each other where it hurts the most, to strike a fatal blow.” – Yeon Bora

“My love that I thought was strong and more perfect than anybody else’s was all over in such a messy, low, ugly, wretched, and pathetic manner.” – Yeon Bora

  • “There is no such thing as Santa nor happy endings.” – Yeon Bora
  • “After all, promises get broken, love changes, and men leave.” – Yeon Bora
  • “A woman is a woman’s worst enemy, a woman you know at that.” – Yeon Bora
  • “What’s the point of being a Gold Miss? It’s no match for a Diamond Miss.” – Yeon Bora
  • “I thought my life was a tragedy, but it was a comedy.” – Yeon Bora

“I wish someone would come and take me to anywhere but here. I wish I could become smaller than an ant and be carried outside.” – Yeon Bora

  • “I went from a crazy and horrible bitch to a pathetic and a little weird bitch.” – Yeon Bora
  • “The sky didn’t fall in and everything on earth was there. The world was the same as yesterday. The only thing that has changed is me.” – Yeon Bora

“Tell her breaking off an engagement is way better than divorce.” – Su Jin

“People are fickle creatures. We have an urge to drag down someone who’s going up. When someone is stuck deep in the mud, we root for them to get back up.” – Mr. Han

  • “When it comes to romantic relationships, it’s winner takes all. The loser just stands there feeling small.” – Yeon Bora
  • “Sometimes, others’ misfortune can be the best way to feel comforted.” – Mr. Han

“As a writer, isn’t it your duty to think about how irresponsible a sudden, sad ending is? Do you know why it’s bad? People hope for things to work out and wounds to heal. And with all this, as a better person, for life to move on.” – Lee Su Hyeok

  • “I thought that I have done enough, that I accepted it, and that there’s no tears left to cry. But the moment I encountered him, I realized that I was still in the middle of a break-up.” – Yeon Bora
  • “This is like the common cold. Everything will be alright as if nothing happened.” – Lee Su Hyeok
  • “False hopes lead to deeper despair afterward.” – Yeon Bora
  • “The moment I saw her with a new lover already, until then, I hadn’t realized we broke up.” – Lee Su Hyeok

“It had felt like a bottomless pit, but then I felt the ground. Only then did I come to feel at ease.” – Yeon Bora

  • “A heart between co-workers? Unacceptable. I find it offensive, so please don’t.” – Lee Su Hyeok
  • “You trusted a man, of all things? You should’ve trusted real estate. Real estate never betrays.” – Woman

“It’s hard to say goodbye to the things I’m used to. I’m sad to see memories disappear. It’s scary to adjust to what I’m not used to.” – Yeon Bora

  • “Artists find inspiration when they are in need and desperate.” – Yeon Bora
  • “Breaking up between a man and a woman, is it unacceptable or impossible?” – Yeon Bora
  • “Who said embarrassment lasts only for a moment?” – Yeon Bora

“I have to think about how to fill the space after working hard to empty it out.” – Yeon Bora

  • “New memories are created in a new space. An empty space is filled with new things.” – Yeon Bora
  • “A human brain has limited memory capacity. Our brain remembers only the first and last parts.” – Yeon Bora

“In relationships, the first and last impressions are crucial. While the first impression defines the general image of a person, the last impression forms a lasting image you’ll remember.” – Yeon Bora

  • “Though you lost, you fought the good fight.” – Lee Su Hyeok
  • “She wanted to hum a tune, chatter away with anyone, and wanted to vanish into the defenseless, bustling streets.” – Yeon Bora
  • “What’s wrong with crying? It’s okay to cry after breaking up.” – Lee Su Hyeok

“Misunderstanding each other’s signals will cause unwanted situations.” – Lee Yoo Jeong

  • “Because your heart is broken, you think it makes it okay to make mistakes like this?” – Lee Su Hyeok
  • “Your feelings are precious but mine is okay to mess with? You don’t wanna get hurt but you don’t care about others. You think apologies make up for all mistakes?” – Lee Su Hyeok
  • “One out of three married couples is sexless. One out of three married couples get divorced. One out of three women in their 30s is single.” – Lee Yoo Jeong

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Also known as: Bora! Deborah;  I’m Serious About Dating; Look, Debora!
Synopsis: The story between Deborah, a best-selling author for romance novels and Lee Soo-hyuk, a publishing planner who struggles with love.
No of episodes: 16
Cast: Yoo In-na, Yoon Hyun-min, Joo Sang-wook
Writer: Ah Kyung
Directors: Lee Tae-gon, Seo Min-jeong
Network: ENA
Streaming platform: Amazon Prime Video
Date: April 12, 2023

Subtitle translation: Amazon Prime Video