Bogota: City Of The Lost (2023) Korean Film

Bogota: City Of The Lost (2023) is a Korean movie set in the 1990s in Bogota, Colombia that follows a group of immigrants who struggle to make a living and fulfill a better life. Among them is a young man who starts to engage with dangerous deals in order to survive, dominating the black market of Bogota.

Genre: Crime, Drama
Running time: TBA
Writers: Kim Seong-je, Hwang Seong-gu
Director: Kim Seong-je
Production companies: Watermelon Pictures, Edioplan
Distributor: Megabox JoongAng Plus M
Release date: Expected in 2023


  • Song Joong-ki
  • Lee Hee-joon
  • Kwon Hae-hyo

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Source: Naver | Images: Megabox JoongAng Plus M