10 Quotes: Race (2023)

Updated: May 19, 2023

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Race (2023):

“It doesn’t help when your workers have no work-life balance.” – Shin Jihyo

“Work-life balance is different for everyone. You can’t use that to measure competence.” – Park Yoonjo

  • “There are so many kids in their 20s today who don’t know what they want.” – Park Yoonjo
  • “You need to learn that times are changing, okay?” – Ryu Jaemin

“In my heart, you’re the winner. I would choose you.” – Ryu Jaemin

  • “I always tell myself not to get attached to them, but then I get attached anyways.” – Ms. Kim Heeyoung
  • “An ace is still an ace even if he messes up.” – Maeng Chuljun
  • “Don’t let your emotions guide your conversations.” – Ji Eunjeong
  • “It’s healthy to cry when you’re upset.” – Ryu Jaemin

“We cry when we laugh. We cry when we’re sad. And we cry when we need to.” – Ryu Jaemin

Genre: Workplace, Drama
Synopsis: The struggles of an ordinary female worker who gets hired as a public relations officer at a large company, and her relationship with co-workers.
Cast: Lee Yeon-hee, Hong Jong-hyun, Moon So-ri, U-Know Yunho
Writer: Kim Ru-ri
Director: Lee Dong-yoon
Network: Disney+
Date: May 10, 2023

Subtitle translation: Disney+