Kim Seonho Displays Irresistible Villain Charm In “The Childe” Teaser

“Hello, chingu! I told you we would see each other again, right?” Kim Seonho greets his young target in another round of thrilling chase in the first video teaser of The Childe (2023), captivating netizens anew with his irresistible charm, this time as a villain.

On May 5th, South Korean distribution company, Next Entertainment World or NEW, officially released the first teaser trailer of Park Hoon-jung’s newest action, film-noir, The Childe (2023). It highlights the mad pursuit of a young man by a strange nobleman and other mysterious forces whose unknown mission is but to chase him and make his life a mess.

The 44 second-teaser showcased a complete transformation of Kim Seonho’s acting into something different, a dark and vicious role that the audiences has never seen him play before. Overall, he ignites thrill with his onscreen presence as the villain who mixes elegance, good looks, charm, and cunning sense of humor, that fans can’t wait to see for more on the big screen. Omo, count me in!

The video begins with Kim Seonho sitting inside a car who seems to be looking out for something or someone down the street. It then shows a young man in paper named Marco Han who lives in Manila, Philippines and whose visa application is handled by a South Korean representative named Andrew Kang.

The next scene shows Kim Seonho in a cream-colored suit who makes drinking Coca-Cola in a bottle with a straw cool and iconic. A devilish scheme seems to lurk inside his mind and he confidently tilts his head as if to convey that something fun and dangerous is about to unfold or that he has the target under his game of madness.

Kim Seonho as the childe (nobleman) 📷 NEW

The video then transitions to an airplane scene where Kim Seonho sits beside with Marco who is wearing a black headset and whose face shows some boxing marks. While showing Marco something on the screen, the handsome and dashing nobleman turns to him with an insane look. The young man in a cold tone asks, “Who the f*ck are you?” Kim Seonho utters a strange answer, “Chingu” (a Korean word for friend) then gives him a creepy laugh like a psycho.

Multiple intense action scenes follow, showing bloodied Marco trying to escape from unidentified forces. While manic Kim Seonho is chasing after him and running like a madman, he also aims a gun and kills other group of gangsters who come against him.

Kang Tae-joo as Marco Han 📷 NEW

Who is the nobleman and why is he and other forces chasing after Marco? Towards the end of the video teaser, Kim Seonho simply revealed that the pursuit of madness is nothing personal but purely business. While South Korean and international fans can’t wait to see the full story on the big screen, they are extremely happy for and proud of Kim Seonho for his first ever movie appearance in a titular role. They expressed their excitement and praise for the actor and the movie across social media:

  • “I can’t wait for this movie to be released!”
  • “My heart beats so fast! Let’s hit the jackpot!”
  • “It’s a dream come true to meet you on June 21st! I’m going straight to the theater!”
  • “Only Seonho can make us love an antagonist character.”
  • “Let’s make a big hit!”
  • “Our Kim Seonho is so cool!”
  • “My heart is pounding. I’m so excited!”
  • “Kim Seonho as always rocks!”
  • “Wow goosebumps! It’s so good already!”
  • “I can’t wait to see Seonho’s acting again!”
  • “This is awesome!”
  • “What a thrill to see Kim Seonho again!”
  • “I got goosebumps because of my favorite actor’s crazy acting!”
  • “You really can expect nothing but the best from Seonho, acting-wise.”
  • “Finally the nobleman we’re dying to see!”
  • “Speechless!”
  • “Kim Seonho’s acting is so unbelievable. He can really nail every role.”
  • “Kim Seonho’s acting is brilliant. I am so impressed by his range.”
  • “Creepy crazy acting skills!”
  • “This is an explosion of anticipation teaser video!”
  • “Omg! He nailed it!”
  • “Let’s go movie actor Seonho!”
  • “Yes Seonho is back for real!”

The Childe (2023) also known as “Sad Tropics” is an action, film-noir by Park Hoon-jung about a mysterious nobleman who chases after an aspiring Filipino-Korean boxer named Marco who goes to various illegal arenas in the Philippines. Struggling, the young man comes to Korea to find his father but meets unidentified forces including Childe, also known as nobleman or Gwigongja in Korean, who tries to pursue him, making his life a mess. It stars Kim Seonho, Kang Tae-joo, Kim Kang-woo, and Go Ara, and is set to be released theatrically in South Korea on June 21, 2023. It will also be released in cinemas overseas (see updates here).

Watch the full teaser trailer in Korean and English below:

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Images: Next Entertainment World (NEW)