DP x Jung Hae-in: 3 Highlights To Expect From Netflix’s “Deserter Pursuit”

Deserter Pursuit (2021) is an action-thriller Korean drama based on the webcomic “DP: Dog Days” written by Kim Bo-Tong.

Director Han Jun-hee revealed during the press conference that there are major differences between the original webtoon and the live adaptation of the series, which is something for fans to look forward to.

With glimpses from the trailer, interviews, behind-the-scenes, and press conference, potential viewers will be drawn to the following highlights:

The different stories of deserters who left the army camp.

The ending of the trailer gives us a quick glance, “If he weren’t drafted, he wouldn’t have to go AWOL.”

One of the mandatories of male citizens, aged 18-28, in South Korea is the two-year military service. The length of its training is among the world’s longest and objection to this obligation is not allowed. Those who defy the required duty face imprisonment.

With the impression of a military culture and vibe in its screenplay, “Deserter Pursuit” is more than a military drama penned with warm stories to tell.

“We have two kinds of deserters. The unpredictable kind and the dangerous kind,” the trailer insinuates.

It will convey different stories, struggles, and reasons why some enlistees decide to leave the army camp during their compulsory call of duty. Despite its gritty, dark vibes, the show will evoke emotions as it unfolds the painful reality behind the stray trainees’ desertion.

Director Han Jun-hee implies, “It’s an ordinary, yet an extraordinary story. I wanted to make all characters familiar to all of us. Like ordinary people next door.”

The chemistry of the two soldiers as they navigate and fulfill their mission as Deserter Pursuit (DP) crew.

The plot centers around two soldiers who are given a special mission to capture ten deserters and bring them back to the camp. It’s a detective kind of assignment for the duo that goes around the country for two years to locate the subjects.

“Seeing how the actors portray the original characters on screen, will be one of the interesting points of the drama,” states Director Han Jun-hee.

The differences between Jung Hae-in as Private Ah Junho and Koo Gyohwan as Corporal Han Hoyeol will provide a spunky and comical duo chemistry as they fulfill their duties through the “Deserter Pursuit” crew—a fictional army unit of officers that specializes in chasing down deserters.

The story progresses as they encounter hurdles, challenges, and disagreements in going after and meeting each military deserter.

Despite the two opposite characters, the director reveals their good teamup, saying, “Private Ah Junho is still a young guy who is new to society. While Corporal Han Hoyeol is a senior who can lead him, but he isn’t mature either. He is also not fully developed. Their chemistry together will be very interesting.”

The hard work and preparations of actor Jung Hae-in for the soldier role.

After his recognition for his roles in the television series, While You Were Sleeping, Prison Playbook, and Something In The Rain, now we get to see Jung Hae-in taking the role of a soldier.

The character of Private An Junho is “quiet and calm, but he’s not a flexible guy. I contemplated a lot to understad his personality. I discussed a lot with the director on how I would play this role,” says the actor.

Another skill that the actor needed to learn for the role is boxing, in which he exert hard work and discipline by practicing for three months before the filming started. He also cut his hair short for the army look.

With such interesting plot, screenplay, and talented cast, “Deserter Pursuit” will certainly fuel our screens with chasing scenarios, action, humor, and life-changing lessons.

The drama is scheduled to stream worldwide on August 27th, exclusively on Netflix.