Everyone’s First Love: 5 New Revelations About Kim Seonho 김선호

Kim Seonho, 김선호, is a popular actor in South Korea. He remarkably rose to fame with his character “Han Jipyeong”, a secondary role, through the drama, Start-Up, in 2020. Since then, he has received numerous commercial and project offers while his Instagram followers exceptionally increased from hundreds to millions in just a few weeks.

He has gained popularity not just in South Korea but also worldwide, with his good looks, outstanding performance, as well as his pleasing and heartwarming personality.

He has received various awards as an actor and entertainer. Recently, he won the “Most Popular Entertainer” at the 48th Korea Broadcasting Awards (2021) for his captivating participation as a cast member of “2 Days and 1 Night” (2D1N) Season 4.

His fans are called, “Seonhohadas” who know the actor very well from his career in acting, singing, entertaining, endorsing, to his personal life such as his most loved tteokbokki, favorite color blue, habitual expressions, and favored playlist he listens to. Moreover, his innocent and funny personality exposed through the 2D1N variety show makes the fans love him even more.

Recently, we are given five new revelations about him.

1. He is newly called as”Everyone’s First Love”.

Kim Seonho is popularly known as the “Good Boy”, “Nation’s Grandson”, and “Prince Dimple” who has won the hearts of many. From a top-notch investor in Start-Up, he goes unemployed, portaying a smart and charming jack-of-all-trades in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.

Recently, Netflix Korea labeled him as “Everyone’s First Love”, the perfect guy to steal our hearts. In the Quiz Alarm x Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha with Kim Seonho and Shin Mina, Netflix Korea states, “The lovely Shin Mina meets everyone’s first love, Kim Seonho.”

Kim Seonho responded in a state of surprise.

He is indeed “everyone’s first love”. Last May 2021, he co-wrote and performed a song for his fans entitled, “Reason”, declaring that his fans are the reason why he has the vitality to wake up to a brand new day and work with a heart full of joy and gratitude. He celebrated his birthday with a sweet serenade for Seonhohadas.

Currently, he is raising funds through the Happy Bean where proceeds will go to the residential environment support project for the elderly. The target fund is 3 million won but as of writing, it has already reached 125 million won and still counting.

His “good boy” image proves that he can raise funds more than the target goal. Kim Seonho is overwhelmed with the results that he sent a thank you message to everyone who participated.

He is not just a good actor and entertainer. He has also a good heart. No wonder he is called “everyone’s first love”.

2. He is a Netflix Addict.

Kim Seonho reveals through the Netflix Korea Quiz Alarm that he loves to binge-watch on Netflix, saying, “I can’t sleep because of Netflix. When I watch something, I need to watch the whole series.”

What kinds of shows does Seonho watch? He likes to watch various genres such as comedy, romance, fantasy, and action.

During the game with Shin Mina, he wrote the following Netflix movies and series: Start-Up, Kingdom, Parasite, Bird Box, The School Nurse Files, The Old Guard, About Time, Sweet Home and Michael Jordan, The Last Dance.

Fans are surprised to know that he is also watching the most watched shows on Netflix, including: Friends, The Kissing Booth, and Hospital Playlist.

He is also a fan of Netflix shows that raise awareness on mental health concerns such as: Wonder, Mad For Each Other, Eternal Sunshine, and Intern.

He also recommends the movie “Wonder” to fans saying, “I think it’s something that we should watch”.

3. He always searches up his name.

It is confirmed by Kim Seonho himself that he looks up his name everyday on the internet. “I’m working on reducing it,” he states on the Netflix Korea’s game interview.

Even without the revelation, he seems to be always active online. In fact, he zealously competes with Seohohada fans for “the quickest to like a post” on his team’s Instagram account. He replies with an unhappy emoji when he comes late by a few seconds or when his Staff intentionally does not tag him.

While fans are the happiest with his success, they are also elated to tease the actor when he loses the game sometimes. It’s funny but his sad reactions are just too adorable and heart-fluttering for fans.

He is an actor who engages with his fans. Interestingly, he has liked some of the fan arts on Instagram created by Seonhohadas. Such lucky fans.

4. He can speak English.

It’s a surprise for Kim Seonho’s international fans that he can actually converse in English.

He has done various online Live Events for fans that include those outside of Korea, but we have never witnessed him speak in English once.

When he naturally responded to Shin Mina in English during the Netflix Korea’s Quiz Alarm, saying, “I don’t know” and “Thank you,” it was a heart-fluttering moment for the international Seonhohadas.

Is the hallyu star studying English for International fans? We would love to know that he is! It is good to know that Seonho can interact well with international fans with basic English in his future Live Events.

Moreover, we are grateful for his agency, SALT Entertainment, and Netflix Korea, for considering his international fans. During the virtual press conference of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, an English translator was given priority. Interviews related to Kim Seonho by Elle Korea, Netflix Korea, and others are also provided with English subtitles.

5. He took guitar lessons.

It is no doubt that Kim Seonho is a versatile actor and talented in many ways. He can act, entertain, sing, dance, and write a song.

When Shin Mina was asked to describe the similarity between Hong Dusik and Kim Seonho, she replied that their personality and skills are 99% very much alike. She is also amazed to know that the actor can do almost anything in life.

Aside from surfing, sign language, fishing, and coffee-making that he has to learn and practice for his role as Chief Hong at Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, he also took guitar lessons.

On September 11, 2021, his team and agency, SALT Entertainment, released some photos of Kim Seonho practicing guitar through their Instagram accounts and Naver page.

The mystery was also solved when he shared a photo back in April 2021 where he was standing in front of an academy building. It happened to be the first day of his guitar lessons.

He has been working hard and preparing diligently for his newest drama role as “Chief Hong Dusik”. And fans are more in love with him.

Will he ever write a new song again and this time, play the guitar while singing? We hope so!

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho is actively a cast member of the Korean variety show, “2 Days and 1 Night” (2D1N) Season 4. You can watch it through the KBS World Channel, YouTube, or Viu.

His latest drama, “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”, is also streaming worldwide on Netflix.