2D1N: Three Reasons Why “1박 2일” Season 4 Is Much Loved By International Fans

“2 Days and 1 Night” (1박 2일 in hangul) is a popular reality-variety show in South Korea, broadcast through the KBS World Channel. Season 4 began airing on December 8, 2019 with six male celebrities namely Kim Seonho (Actor), Moon Seyoon (Comedian), Yeon Junghoon (Actor), Dindin (Rapper), Ravi (Rapper), and the returning cast member, Kim Jongmin.

The members travel for two days and one night while performing missions to earn rewards such as a good meal or sleeping indoors. Season 4 is mainly directed by Bang Geulyi, also known as “Smiley PD” and “Natasha”. She is also the first female to direct the show.

Mid-2020, Season 4 gained a high number of international fans, especially from Asia. One of the main reasons is that fans of Kim Seonho who rose to fame for his role as Han Jipyeong in the drama, Start-Up, wanted to know and see more of him. Fans abroad did not only get to stan the actor even more, but they have also learned to love the entire cast of 2D1N.

Interestingly, it is reported that international fans who do not understand Korean language watch the show even without the English subtitles. They still have fun watching it, though. According to them, the show is a source of strength, happiness, and therapy during the pandemic.

Moreover, this show has not only entertained the international fans but it has also enriched their knowledge on Korean culture, history, language, cities, provinces, tourist spots, and food.

On December 2020, “2 Days and 1 Night” Season 4 took home five awards at the KBS Entertainment Awards. The show achieved the 2020 Viewers’ Choice Best Program Award while Kim Seonho won the Rookie Award, Moon Seyoon got the Top Excellence Award, Dindin grabbed the Excellence Award, and Yeon Junghoon received the Best Entertainer Award.

They also won the Weekend Entertainment Program category at the 2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards and Best Variety Show at the 48th Korea Broadcasting Awards (2021). Moreover, from winning the Rookie Award in 2020, Kim Seonho took home the 2021 Popular Entertainer Award at the 48th Korea Broadcasting Awards, while Moon Seyoon won the Best Male Entertainer at the 2021 Korea Brand of the Year.

To celebrate their first anniversary, they appeared as the main talents for the special episode of “Feel the Rhythm of Korea”, promoting the city of Incheon, in partnership with Korea Tourism Organization.

Here are the reasons why 1박 2일Season 4 members are much loved by international fans:

They are a family.

“Since we’ve gone through hardships, our friendship will last long.” – Kim Jongmin

The cast started as awkward strangers but after several episodes, they grew closer together like one big family. What sets this team apart is the way they have grown and improved as individuals and as a family in many ways.

Aside from spending time together during their rest days, they also promote each other’s projects.

  • The members visited as guests at Dindin’s radio show, “Dindin Music High”.
  • Moon Seyoon participated in Kim Seonho’s drama, “Start-Up” as a cameo role.
  • Kim Seonho’s playlist include the songs of Ravi and Dindin and he recommends them to others.
  • The members were present during the stage play of Kim Seonho, “Ice”.
  • Dindin affimed Kim Seonho’s performance through his radio show, saying, “I watched Kim Seonho’s Ice. Normally, he is playful but as soon as he entered the stage, he was totally different. He was cool. In fact, his unexpected charm is the key point.”
  • Dindin and Ravi showed love for Kim Seonho’s Domino and Miima commercials by ordering boxes of pizza and personally using the mask he endorses.
  • The members helped promote Ravi’s new album releases through a dance challenge.
  • Ravi granted the wish of Moon Seyoon to be a singer. Together, they released a song entitled “SHY DDOONG” which means “I’m surprisingly shy.” The other members helped promote it through a dance challenge. Check out the music video here.
  • Yeon Junghoon appeared as a guest for Dindin’s Youtube channel, “Dinga Dinga”, and talked about his expertise on wine.
  • The members helped Kim Jongmin promote his new song.
  • Ravi and Dindin encouraged Kim Seonho for his newest drama, “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” through their Instagram accounts.
  • The members sent words of love for Dindin on the first anniversary of his radio show, “Dindin Music High”.
  • Dindin recommended Kim Seonho’s newest drama through his radio show, saying, “I’m a Netflix addict. Recently, I’ve been watching Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Everyone, please give it lots of love.”
  • The members sent a food truck for Kim Seonho during his taping for “Start-up” and “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha”.
  • They celebrate each other’s wins, achievements, and awards.

And a lot more.

They have grown comfortable with each other from distant members to genuine brothers. Their friendship, on and off-cam, is indeed authentic and one for keeps. “Let’s be together for a long time,” says Kim Seonho, the only member who has no siblings by birth.

Their charms and chemistry abound.

They have different personalities but they complement each other and make the show fun, lively, and entertaining.

They are naturally hilarious, silly, clever, gullible, and playful like kids who seldom understand the game right, keep asking the instructions, fight for food, and betray one another to win the game.

Nevertheless, they are generous and kindhearted brothers who give the losing team a chance to eat something decent.

Their brotherhood chemistry is pure despite the different traits, weaknesses, and strengths. Even though they are randomly paired-up, their charms and chemistry abound. We love the following tandems:

HORAVI: This team consists of Kim Seonho and Ravi. They used to be awkward strangers who surprisingly transformed into sweet, “cuddle buddies”. Once a losing team, they have together weathered the inconveniences and grown into sparkling wits. You can read more about their bromance here.

DINSEON: The bickering brothers that are known for their love-hate relationship on screen are Dindin and Kim Seonho. They naturally fight like kids. Although they don’t like being paired-up, their brotherhood off-screen is real and adorable. Seonho takes care of Dindin like his real dongsaeng. On a radiow show, Dindin mentioned that Seonho is good-hearted and nice. When asked, “Who would you pick as your younger sister’s boyfriend? Lee Hongki or Ravi?” Dindin replied, “Kim Seonho”.

TEAM YB: The “Young Blood” is composed of the three youngest members, Kim Seonho, Dindin, and Ravi. They are the most fun-loving group when merged. They looked awkward together during their first team up when they rode a convertible car in the freezing weather. But now, they are the most adorable, playful kids who share the same brain cells and would rather take a nap than win the quiz game.

TEAM OB: The wittiest and most competitive alliance belongs to the team “Old Blood”, composed of the three oldest members, Yeon Junghoon, Moon Seyoon, and Kim Jongmin. They like playing tricks and being naughty to the youngest ones. Nevertheless, the best advice for life also comes from them when the three youngest needed to hear words of wisdom.

They are funny but lovely people.

They bring amusement and laughter on the program. But they are also real humans who have flaws and strengths, just as the rest of us. They are funny but wonderful people and the international fans love them for who they are.

Yeon Junghoon, also known as the “Passion Man”, is the eldest member of the cast and adored by many for his skills and extreme passion for winning the games. He is a racer who won an award at an F1 contest, wine expert, sufficient in English, can sail a boat, and fly a plane. Most important of all, he is famously called as “The Nation’s Thief” for having won the heart of such a beautiful actress, Han Gain. They are married for 16 years now with two kids. On random occassions, he talks about her on the show such as the time when he first fell in love with his wife.

Moon Seyoon is the master of mukbang on the show. In fact, he created the most expensive ramyeon during the Ramyeon Paradise episode. His one big bite is pure entertainment and he trains Ravi well to eat like a king. He also acts as the father who leads the group in conversations, cooks for the members, and scolds everyone for being messy and naughty during their tasks. “2D1N changed my life in many ways,” he says.

Kim Jongmin, the “Diet Man”, is effortlessly funny. Whatever he says and does naturally brings laughter on the set. Most of the time, he is confused with the tasks and keeps asking Director Bang for the instructions, which somehow adds charm to the show. Seeyoon teases him, “I finally get why Jongmin couldn’t understand. He talks too much.” Nevertheless, he has a good personality, is a good dancer, and singer. Kim Seonho always compliments him for his matured outlook on life.

Dindin is the member who actively initiates the mission, “Let me go first.” He also loves to bully and annoy his co-members. His antagonist vibe somehow adds energy to the show. Although he has received some negative feedback from viewers for his mean personality, Director Bang once mentioned that Dindin is the most thoughtful among the members, who has deep concern for his brothers and family members in real life. For example, during the Parents’ Day in Korea this year, he surprised and blessed his parents with a brand new car.

Kim Seonho, the middle child of the show (partly OB and partly YB), is the most innocent of all. He is the icon of luck but scared to do tough challenges and easily gets exhausted after 6:00pm. He has an obsession for tteokbokki, his favorite food and goes crazy when it is served on the set. He is the most polite and kindest among the members who never fails to greet the production team. He runs the fastest among the brothers but owns the show’s tent for sleeping outdoors most of the time. Nevertheless, this show has helped him grow as a person from being a clumsy, shy variety rookie to an entertaining, ace player. He has changed the most, according to Director Bang Geulyi.

Ravi, the maknae of the group, is the sweetest and most energetic member. He loves to cuddle and hug his hyung brothers. He is also the first one or the only one to run, hug, and comfort a member who is hurt during a tough mission. He is a competent C.E.O in real life who runs his own music labels, GROOVL1N and THE L1VE, but changes into a playful kid who does weird things on the 2D1N show. In the first few episodes, he revealed that he never eats ramen at home and that 1 cup of rice is enough for him. But through the program, he has learned to crave for ramen and eat like Moon Seyoon.

Show Rating: 10/10

1박 2일 Season 4 is a weekly dose of genuine brotherhood, good vibes, and good food. The show is not just entertaining and informative, but its cast members are also wonderful people. No wonder, they are much loved by the international fans.

Good job to the creators, production team, and entire cast! Who are we? 2 Days and 1 Night!