5 Credible Reasons Why “BTS” Has The Biggest And Most Powerful Fandom In The World

BTS, also known as “Bangtan Boys”, is an award-winning Korean group who has captured the hearts of millions around the world.

The group is composed of seven young men namely RM (leader and rapper), Jin 진 (vocalist), Jimin 지민(vocalist), V 뷔 (vocalist), Jungkook 정국 (vocalist), Suga 슈가(rapper), and J-Hope 제이홉(rapper).

Since their debut in 2013, their stardom is unstoppable—topping the charts, bagging awards, and selling out concert tours across the globe.

They have been in the music industry for years and their career success continues to soar high globally, transcending cultural barriers and boundaries. Remarkably, they have the biggest and most powerful fandom referred to as the ARMY, which stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth”.

Here are the reasons why BTS has a strong fandom worldwide:

1. They are multi-talented.

Regarded as the biggest and most influential boy band in the world, BTS is an overall package of highly competent vocalists, rappers, dancers, and creators. Yes, they co-write, brainstorm, and work as a team to produce their own songs. They also take charge of their projects’ visuals, style, and arts, as well as direct their own music videos.

Their music is not limited to one genre, but they explore diversity and different styles including hip hop, R&B, rock, neo soul, gospel, Latin pop, dance-pop, while songs are written in combined Korean and English.

Every Bangtan’s performance is powerful and exceptional. Their flawless sychronicity, amazing vocals, impressive visuals, outstanding dance choreography, and one-of-a-kind music videos are undeniable. They will leave you breathless once they sing and move on stage.

Notably, their distinct talent and palpable chemistry made them to become the first non-English speaking artist to make it to the Global Artist Chart in 2018 and be named as IFPI’s #1 Global Recording Artist of the Year in 2020.

Aside from millions of sold albums, they have also received numerous awards, honors, and certifications worldwide. Time Magazine also named BTS as the “Entertainer of the Year” in 2020.

2. Their music brings positive influence and healing.

There is more to this talented group that makes them distinct from the rest.

Aside from their high quality music production, BTS is also known for their heartfelt messages through their interviews, events, and songs. They always instill positivity.

“We are not the lost generation. We are the welcome generation,” states one BTS member during the United Nations General Assembly interview in response to the pandemic crisis the youth is battling with.

While other artists mostly tackle love, sex, and drugs in their songs, BTS’ lyrical content is thoughtfully written, reflecting on the relevant issues of life such as social identity, anxiety, mental health, depression, bullying, while advocating peace, acceptance, hope, and healing.

For instance, the song “Life Goes On” was written to console fans when the world came to a silent standstill because of COVID-19. They expressed during the Global Press Conference that they produced the album with thoughts and empathy for everyone who is suffering from the pandemic.

“When we started working on the album, we came up with the idea of ‘life goes on’. It means that no matter what happens and despite the change in circumstances, life goes on,” Jimin said. They also explained that they made the song upbeat to uplift those who are feeling downcast.

With such music that is relatable, meaningful, and inspirational, the ARMY fans are motivated to face and overcome the challenges of life.

What makes BTS strikingly distinct from other artists is that they do not just perform or entertain for the sake of career and fame, but they connect with the audience on a personal level and bring radical change.

3. They are advocates of good will.

All seven members are engaged with social causes and humanitarian acts.

“BTS is the greatest artist in this generation,” declares Korean President Moon Jae-in during the latest interview at the United Nations General Assembly where he appointed the group as special envoys for future generations and culture.

In 2015, they partnered with charities to donate tons of rice and support medical needs.

In 2017, all seven members donated millions of won to the families of 2014 MV Sewol tragedy.

In the same year, they collaborated with UNICEF for their “Love Myself” global campaign that aims to prevent bullying and provide care for victims of violence. Within four years of its launch, the funding has reached 3.3 billion won.

In 2018, they donated funds to a hospital building. Due to their impact on youth culture, they were selected by UNICEF later in the same year to represent the youth in the 73rd United Nations General Assembly which aims “to provide quality education and training for young people”.

In 2020, they participated with Starbucks Korea to raise funds for disadvantaged youth and with Grammy’s MusiCares Charity to fund the music community.

Moreover, they donated 1 million US dollars to Black Lives Matter campaign and another 1 million US dollars to support the music personnel of Live Nation that were affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Aside from their group efforts, each member also actively donate to other charities and organizations.

They don’t just contribute quality music. They also contribute worldwide aid to help fight social issues.

4. They are engaged with their fans.

With 58 million YouTube subscribers, 49 million Instagram followers, and 33 million Twitter followers as of writing, they are known to have the most dedicated fans around the world.

Despite their prominence, they remain connected and engaged with their fans. Interestingly, they interact with their fans not just during their stage performances and livestreams but also on social media.

Moreover, they never fail to mention and appreciate the ARMY community during their speeches, concerts, and interviews. They recognize that their fans are part of their success and that every project they do is dedicated to them.

For instance, they expressed words of gratitude and comfort to the fans during the 3rd anniversary of the “Love Myself” campaign in 2020, saying:

“I hope all of you will continue to have faith in yourselves and keep challenging yourselves for the rest of 2020.” – J-Hope

“With so many things uncertain, I hope we can all remember how precious we are. Remember, ‘loving yourself is the beginning of true love’.” – Jin

“I hope we can dream of a world where we can embrace, encourage one another, and hold hands together.” – Jimin

To return the love and support to fans is always part of their vision and projects.

5. They have a solid brotherhood and strong commitment.

Just like the rest of us, the members have flaws and vulnerabilities. But unlike others, they are open with their struggles as artists and young men, learn from their failings, and use their growth to encourage others.

What is inspiring about them as a group is that they have remained strong to their commitment and solid in their brotherhood despite the hardships, intense pressures, burnout, and harsh criticisms they have experienced.

They did not stop achieving their dreams and performing together as a team. They continued to work hard with a persistent, passionate, and positive spirit. Moreover, they remain down-to-earth despite the pressures of stardom, having no public issues of arrogance. They also shun away from bad habits and wrong deeds.

Their good group dynamic, diligent efforts, and pleasing personality made them rise to the top and receive love from millions of fans across the globe. No wonder they are described as the most successful K-pop group in the world.

Truly, BTS is unbeatable and one-of-a-kind.