3 Reasons To Stream “Paik’s Spirit” On Netflix

“Paik’s Spirit” (2021) is a Korean food reality show, streaming worldwide on Netflix. The 6-episode docuseries introduces various types of Korean drinks and cuisines along the streets of Korea with celebrity guests.

It is hosted by Baek Jong-won, also known as Paik, a culinary star in South Korea who has published many books on cooking and appeared in several entertainment shows. He is also the CEO of Theborn Korea, has 26 restaurant franchises, and is among the Top 20 of Forbes Korea Power Celebrity in 2020-2021.

Here are three reasons why “Paik’s Spirit” is worth streaming on Netflix:

1. It is educational.

Whether you are a Korean foodie or someone curious about Korean lifestyle, this docuseries offers a detailed glimpse and insight into Korean drinking culture and liquors.

A food researcher himself, Chef Paik shares his interest, knowledge, and theories, on traditional and popular Korean alcoholic drinks while exploring local eateries with his guests.

On why the soju bottles are green, what makgeolli is made from, how traditional Korean liquors are made, and Korean drinking etiquettes are just some of the stories that Paik and his celebrity friends will talk about. Korean brewery tours are also part of the show.

Moreover, every episode is guaranteed to make you drool over local delicacies and homey dishes such as samgyeopsal, kimchi, fried chicken, ramyeon, and seaside clams that go well with alcoholic drinks.

2. It is casual yet insightful.

What makes the talk show distinct is the casual yet insightful drinking conversations with guests from different walks of life.

Chef Paik with Korean rappers Jay Park and Loco, popular actor Lee Joon-gi, volleyball star Kim Yeon-koung, TV producer Nah Yung-suk, actresses Han Ji-min and Kim Hee-ae welcome us into the Korean way of dining with their personal stories and real-life dialogues that revolve around the themes, “In every moment of despair, there was soju” and “Soju, connecting people”.

Park Hee-yeon, the show’s producer shares, “People tend to open up about their life, human nature, and their personal spirit over drinks, hence the name of the title.”

Thus, the story-telling aspect of the show reflects on life’s failures, achievements, relationships, and the struggles they faced in showbiz while portraying the importance of good company.

Interestingly, the way Chef Paik gets to the heart of each individual’s story and casually responds with his insightful and clever observation will make you feel that you are catching up with friends over food and drinks.

3. It is simply creative.

“Paik’s Spirit” doesn’t just serve good entertainment with its enriched old and modern fusion theme but it has also a high cinematic value.

Technically, the cinematographers did a good job in capturing the significant details of the show, with impressive macro shots, perfect use of lighting, angles, and composition. The artistic shots will certainly blow you away.

Moreover, it is worth noting that it has its own unique way of connecting with its potential audience through its detailed shots that create a better understanding of what the featured drink or dish has to offer. How the food is visually prepared also gives a glimpse on the amount of effort that goes in the kitchen.

And like many food-related shows, “Paik’s Spirit” will make you hungry, want to travel to Korea, grab a drink, and take a bite on their mouthwatering cuisines.

Show Rating: 9/10

“Paik’s Spirit” documents that food and drinks bring people together. It’s a feel-good kind of show and worth streaming on Netflix.