Here’s Why “The King’s Affection” Is A Must-See Netflix Series

“The King’s Affection” (2021) is a historical-romantic drama, starring Park Eun-bin and Rowoon. It is based on a comic book that talks about a young woman who becomes a king in the Joseon era.

The show premiered on October 11 through KBS with a nationwide viewership rating of 6.2%, according to Nielsen Korea. New episodes are also available weekly on Netflix.

Here are three points to watch the series:

1. It has an interesting storyline.

“How can a crown prince share a womb with a girl?” the King asked.

The story begins with an intense drama and tension in the royal court—the crown princess gives birth to forbidden twins and the baby girl is ordered to be annihilated. The desperate mother finds a solution to keep the girl alive away from the palace.

However, fate brought the girl back to the palace as a maid. Her twin brother dies and she is forced to disguise as the prince. The story now revolves around this fake identity and keeping a huge secret to protect the kingdom and its people.

With two episodes out so far, the gender-swap theme drama will surprise you with its twists and turns. The storyline overall keeps the audience intrigued and compels one to await what happens next.

2. It’s a “brave girl “journey.

What if the king were a woman? The drama’s spotlight goes to the abandoned girl, Dam-i, portrayed by Park Eun-bin.

Rejected by birth and depraved of love, life becomes more burdensome as she is forced to swap roles as the Crown Prince while being surrounded with antagonists, threats, and dangers due to her disguised gender.

Filled with anger, she vows revenge in her heart and grows into a brave young woman—untouchable, cold, hard to please, distant, and feared by people in the palace.

She will protect herself, fight for the kingdom, and keep her promise while she sits on the throne and wear the King’s gown and crown.

3. It features a good blend of different genres.

Interestingly, what keeps “The King’s Affection” engaging to watch is that it features a good blend of action, comedy, drama, and romance.

It will make you laugh and cry buckets. The antagonists will make you hate them. The action scenes will keep you glued as the story moves forward.

The romance part is a bit cliche but adorably classic. Separated by a huge secret in the palace, it raises interest on how their love story will unfold.

Rating: 9/10

With two episodes out so far, “The King’s Affection” shows some promise and is worth the stream on Netflix.