New World: Which Of The 6 Celebrity Dream Houses Do You Prefer To Live Alone?

New World” (2021) is a new reality-variety Korean show on Netflix where six celebrities travel to a mysterious island for six days and compete in six survival missions.

Interestingly, it’s a utopia where their dreams come true. Each one were given their own dream house upon arrival on the island.

When asked, “What is the new world you dream of?” here’s what the six chosen celebrities revealed and received:

1. Lee Seung-gi

Lee Seung-gi is a multi-talented Korean artist known for his skills in acting, singing, hosting, and entertaining people through various reality shows. His latest Korean action-thriller drama, “Mouse”, ended in May 2021. Currently, he is an active cast member of the variety show “Master In The House” and the host of “Sing Again”.

This is what his dream house looks like:

  • A gallery-like
  • Burgundy tone
  • Offers a view of nature that lets in a lot of sunlight
  • Peaceful

For him, the house is all about the rest.

2. Kai

Kai is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group, Exo. Aside from his singing and dancing career, he also appeared in a few television series.

He dreams of a place that doesn’t exist in Korea such as:

  • A Greece-like house with a touch of Santorini
  • A white house with a blue door
  • A vacation-spot vibes
  • Neat and without many items

He also envisions a place with a sand beach and hammock where he can have a barbecue party and enjoy the wind.

3. Park Na-rae

Park Na-rae is a comedian. She is currently an active member of the shows, “Comedy Big League”, “I Live Alone”, “Sound of Grazing Grass”, as well as a host of “My Mad Beauty” and “Late Night Ghost Talk”.

This is what she envisions of a perfect home:

  • A view of the blue sea as she opens the door
  • Exotic and unique interior design
  • Splendid wallpapets with vibrant colors
  • A bar with various alcoholic drinks and glasses
  • A place to play loud music

The kitchen is also a must for her since she loves to cook and eat.

4. Eun Ji-won

Eun Ji-won is a rapper-singer who has appeared in various variety shows and television series such as “Reply 1997”.

He seems to be the only one among the six who talked less about his dream place but chose the most unique one.

This is what he requested and received:

  • A Harry Potter-like house
  • Antique vibe
  • Magical door, television, wardrobe
  • Multi-purpose bed

5. Kim Hee-chul

Kim Hee-chul is a member of the boy band, “Super Junior”. Currently, he is part of the programs, “Knowing Bros”, “My Little Old Boy”, and “20th Century Hit Song”.

He shared that he is a neat freak, so this is what he envisions of a perfect place:

  • A simple, minimalistic house
  • Interiors matter
  • A neat place with a pink background
  • A gaming computer with an internet connection
  • Comic books
  • All sorts of cleaning supplies

6. Cho Bo-ah

Cho Bo-ah is an actress-host who has appeared in several television series and shows. Her works have also been recognized, nominated, and awarded through various award-giving bodies.

Since she is a nature lover, this is what her dream house looks like:

  • A secluded house in the forest
  • Lots of trees
  • Wooden interiors
  • A view of the forest, garden, ocean

If given the chance, which of the six celebrity dream houses do you prefer to live alone?

“New World” is created by Cho Hyo-jin and Go Min-seok. The show is currently streaming on Netflix.

Photos: Netflix