Kim Seonho, Yoo Ah-in, And Lee Jung-jae Got The Most 2021 AAA Wins In The Actor Category

On December 2nd, Asia Artist Awards (AAA) honored and celebrated talents from Asia for their outstanding achievements and contributions in television, film, and music.

The award ceremony took place at the KBS Arena Hall in Seoul with a star-studded line-up of appearances and performances.

In the actor category, three male celebrities stood out for receiving the most wins in this year’s Asia Artist Awards. Here are three of the most influential actors, creating tremendous buzz and international breakthroughs with their craft and fame:

1. Lee Jung-jae

2021 Netflix Series Project: Squid Game

AAA Triple Awards:

  • Daesang (Grand Prize) Actor of the Year
  • AAA Fabulous Award
  • Hot Trend Award

Message from the actor: “Thank you for giving me such a huge award. I think that the success of ‘Squid Game’ is like a miracle. I want to share this honor with the actors and staff I worked with, along with the viewers from all over the world.”

2. Yoo Ah-in

2021 Film Project: Voice of Silence

AAA Double Awards:

  • Daesang (Grand Prize) Film Actor of the Year
  • Asia Celebrity Actor

Message from the actor: “I participated in a small-scale movie called ‘Voice of Silence,’ but have received such big awards. I will work hard to become an actor who can become the key point for a movie and show the attraction of my role onscreen.”

3. Kim Seonho

2021 TV Series Project: Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

AAA Double Awards:

  • AAA RET/Japan Popularity Award
  • U+Idol Live Popularity Award

Kim Seonho was not able to attend the award ceremony but devoted fans from overseas continue to show endless support for the actor. Ahead of the big event, various digital ads appeared in Seoul, Thailand, Philippines, and USA to congratulate Kim Seonho for his 2021 AAA wins.

During the event, hashtags #김선호너라는이유 #KimSeonHo and “KimSeonHo MostPopularAAActor” were also trending on Twitter worldwide. The actor’s hallyu stardom is truly unstoppable.

Congratulations to all the 2021 AAA winners in the actor category!