2D1N Wins Best Program Of The Year And Moon Seyoon Achieves Daesang Award

For two years in a row, the reality-variety show, “Two Days And One Night” (2D1N) won the Viewers’ Choice Best Program of the Year at the KBS Entertainment Awards.

“You are the winners of this trophy,” Director Bang Geulyi expressed gratitude to people in general who are part of the show’s success. She added, “I will thank you in private.”

Kim Jongmin who is effortlessly funny and Moon Seyoon who usually leads the group to make the show enjoyable for viewers, took the “Entertainer of the Year” award.

Ravi, the maknae of the team and who has purely entertained the audience this year with his mukbang challenges with Moon Seyoon, won the “Variety Rookie Award”.

The “Passion Man” and eldest member of the cast, Yoon Junghoon, achieved the “Excellence Award”.

Noh Jin-young, the writer of the show, also won the broadcast “Best Writer” award.

The night of December 25th was also filled with tears as Moon Seyoon was announced to be the winner of “Daesang Grand Prize”. After 20 years since his debut as a comedian entertainer, he has finally won the highest award.

He stated in his acceptance speech, “I was told that I don’t really have luck for awards. But I think I am lucky enough to have many valuable relationships in life that I didn’t need any award. And I believe that I wouldn’t make it this far without people who held hands with me when I was about to fall apart.” 

He continued by mentioning the significant people who were part of his life’s journey and career’s success including the writer, director, production, and cast members, “We are like brothers. Thank you so much, Jongmin hyung, Junghoon hyung, Dindin, Ravi and our Seonho, although you are not together with us now, I want to say thank you, too.”

The fourth season began airing on December 8, 2019 with six great men, namely Kim Seonho (Actor), Moon Seyoon (Comedian), Yeon Junghoon (Actor), Dindin (Rapper), Ravi (Rapper), and the returning cast member, Kim Jongmin.

Amid the doom and gloom of COVID-19 pandemic, all six members have managed to entertain the audience with laughter, fun, hope, and enriched knowledge on Korean culture, history, language, cities, provinces, tourist spots, and food.

They have also captured the hearts of millions overseas through the stardom influence of Kim Seonho whose international fans enjoyed watching him with his brothers travel around South Korea while performing missions.

Kim Seonho’s rose to hallyu fame through his phenomenal role of Han Jipyeong in 2020’s Start-Up made his global fans watch the 2D1N program weekly. They have also learned to love the entire cast and show.

Congratulations to “Two Days And One Night” Season 4! More power and success in the years to come!