A Bus Ad Featuring Kim Seonho Appears In Seoul

A vibrant and eye-catching bus wrapping ad featuring Kim Seonho appeared in the beautiful city of Seoul.

Here are some photos and videos shared by fans through Twitter:

This bus ad project was made possible by Seonhohada fans through CHOEAEDOL where Kim Seonho was voted as the number one celebrity actor born in the Year of the Tiger with a score of 73%.

It will run for 6 days from January 10 to 15, 9am to 5pm, KST. The route for Kim Seonho’s bus starts at his agency, Salt Entertainment and a complete guide is available here.

CHOEAEDOL also arranged a bus park on January 15, Saturday, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm, KST. This is to allow fans to take more photos of Kim Seonho’s bus wrapping ad.

Congratulations to Kim Seonho and his amazing fandom!

Cover photo: @myloveceleb