“Single’s Inferno” Surpasses “Our Beloved Summer” In Viewing Hours

The most-talked about Korean show, Single’s Inferno, surpassed the well-loved romantic-comedy series, Our Beloved Summer in viewing hours on Netflix.

While Our Beloved Summer has garnered more than 39 million viewing hours since its premiere on December 6, 2021, Single’s Inferno attained a current record of 42.9 million hours since it was released on December 18, 2021.

Single’s Inferno has also entered Netflix’s Global Top 10 for two consecutive weeks now and rocks the Top 10 in TV in 17 countries from Asia, Africa, and the Americas on the week of January 3 to 9.

The newest data from Flix Patrol also shows that it took 10th place in the list of TV shows on Netflix worldwide alongside The Witcher and Money Heist with a total score of 1,491 points. It surpassed Squid Game by 437 points and Our Beloved Summer by 585 points for the first two weeks in January.

Single’s Inferno is a dating reality series on Netflix, hosted by Lee Da-hee, Cho Kyu-hyun, Hong Jin-kyung, and Jung Han-hae.

The show follows six Korean female singles, starring An Yea-won, a Pilates instructor, Kang So-yeon, a boxing gym owner, Song Jia, a beauty vlogger, Shin Ji-yeon, a Neuroscience student, and models Kim Su-min and Seong Min-ji.

They are accompanied by six other male contestants, including Kim Jun-sik, a health product brand owner, Kim Hyeon-joong, a fitness trainer, Oh Jin-taek, a tailor shop owner, Moon Se-hoon, a catering business owner, Choi Sihun, a fashion brand owner, and Cha Hyun-seung, a dancer.

All 12 contestants are stranded on an island named “Inferno” and must pair up with another single to leave the deserted island.

The eight-part series already ended last January 8 and is still available for streaming on Netflix worldwide.