3 Heart-Fluttering Moments Between Jisoo And Jung Haein Off-Screen

The Snowdrop couple, Jung Hae-in and Jisoo, has been winning hearts not just in the drama, but also off-screen.

Fans are delighted to see their enjoyable interaction on Instagram and are convinced that the two stars have become closer as friends.

Here are three of the most heart-fluttering moments between the Snowdrop leads:

1. The selfie.

It is rare that drama couples post a sweet photo together on their Instagram accounts. But in the first photo below, Jung Hae-in took the initiative to post a series of couple selfies before the premiere of Snowdrop.

It’s a lovely sight to see the Snowdrop couple in a relaxed mood and looking comfortable with each other in a selfie during the press conference.

The couple in black and white looks like an unforgettable and colorful moment when the photos were taken. The heart-fluttering chemistry just radiates through their smiles.

2. The photographer.

It’s another rare moment to see drama couples take photos of one another and tag each other on Instagram.

But here, both Jung Hae-in and Jisoo delightedly shared a photo credit. Fans went crazy.

3. The likes.

Isn’t it cute that your co-star is proud to like your Instagram posts, even the ones that are not drama-related?

Jung Hae-in liking Jisoo’s public photos looks like the two has become truly great friends. And fans are more than delighted.

Cover photo: holyhaein