5 Reasons To Celebrate Actor Kim Seonho

Today, January 25th, marks the 5th year anniversary of Kim Seonho as an actor on television.

Since his theater days until debut on TV, Kim Seonho has demonstrated time and time again why fans can’t get enough of him—from his killer dimples to his impressive acting as well as his warmhearted personality.

Hence, Seonhohada fans worldwide actively honor their beloved Hallyu star through various events, polls, and donation campaigns for worthy causes.

Here are 5 more reasons to celebrate the actor:

1. His impact as an actor is undeniable.

Kim Seonho is already an established theater actor before he appeared on TV projects. Because of this rich experience in acting, he gets to perform his drama characters with excellence and impact.

In the same year he debuted on TV, he won the “Best New Actor” and “Excellence Award for Actor” for his role in Two Cops (2017-2018) at the MBC Drama Awards.

In 2020, he stole the show, gave the audience a powerful second lead syndrome for his role in Start-Up (2020), and took the “Best Emotive Award” at the Asia Artist Awards.

In the same drama, he was nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” at the 2021 Baeksang Arts Awards and won the “Character of the Year” at the 2021 Seoul International Awards.

While he skyrocketed to fame in 2020, he was considered as an A list actor and named by Gallup Korea as “TV Actor of the Year” for his performance in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021).

He also maintained his theater appearance while working on various TV projects. During the production of “Ice” in January 2021, it was reported that tickets were sold out in a few days and that old and new fans alike were so eager to see him perform real time on a stage play production.

But even before he was recognized as a TV actor, he was already popular during his theater days where he sold out all the seats and long queues reached the streets.

Kim Seonho shared, “The stage is where I have much to observe and to learn. Whenever I lose confidence in acting, I think about theater plays. It’s a place filled with passion, where I pour out my acting.” 

2. He is a passionate actor.

Speaking of passion, Kim Seonho has always been transparent in sharing that acting is the only thing he is passionate about.

He is conscientious and detailed-conscious when it comes to acting. He believes that portraying a certain role is changing one’s perception of self from head to toe, including gestures, manner of walking, and speaking.

No wonder you will never see Han Jipyeong in Hong Dusik and Hong Dusik in Kim Seonho and Kim Seonho in Han Jipyeong. These three individuals appear to be very different in every single way, except the killer dimples.

Immersed in his theater or drama assignments, he once admitted that the character’s habits linger for awhile even after the project is over.

His life truly revolves around acting. And yet, inspite his outstanding record in theaters, he remains humble in expressing that he still struggles with his performance, worries a lot, and needs more improvement.

Acting also serves as a personal healing process for Kim Seonho where he gets to convey his emotions.

He once shared that participating in theater during school days helped him overcome his childhood trauma and public anxiousness where he witnessed his mom got stabbed during a house robbery.

He said, “I changed after I started acting. I think it was some sort of training for me. Acting allowed me to slowly overcome the trauma.”

3. He is an advocate of good will.

Kim Seonho is engaged with social causes. Due to the overwhelming public response on his performance in Start-Up, he expressed his gratitude by donating 100 million won to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation.

His agency, Salt Entertainment, shared, “In return for the support and love Kim Seonho has received from many people, he donated with the hope that it might be even a bit of help for children and their families who are going through a hard time. As it’s thought of as a donation made together with all the fans who constantly send their love, we once again express our gratitude to the people who cheer on Kim Seon Ho.”

Seonhohada fans share with the actor in this act of generosity.

Recently, it has been reported that Kim Seonho’s fan cafe donated 10 million won and 100 hand sanitizers to the Dongmyeong Children’s Welfare Center. In addition, 5 million won worth of rice and 5 million won was also donated in support for the underprivileged at the Sanggye 3 and 4 administrative welfare centers.

DC Inside Kim Seonho Gallery also sent 12.5 million won to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation. Moreover, fans worldwide organized a fundraising event to help local groups in Asia stricken with recent calamities.

According to Kim Seonho’s fandom, they are doing these donation events following the influence of the actor’s heart of giving.

4. His Hallyu fame is remarkable and unstoppable.

When Kim Seonho skyrocketed to popularity, it trascended cultural barriers and boundaries.

His fandom grew bigger and expanded from theater to Hallyu wave. “Seonhohada” became popular across social media, showing their strength in numbers through various polls and surveys.

While he dominated the weekly rankings of the most buzzworthy drama actors and topped the brand reputation or value during Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, he also took home four popularity awards in 2021.

Remarkably, he ranked #1 among the Korean celebrities who was most searched in Google Philippines and #1 most searched male actors in Singapore.

5. His movie debut appearance is much highly anticipated.

Kim Seonho continues to be one of the most talked-about Korean actors despite his public hiatus.

In a survey conducted by Top Star News from January 2 to 8, he topped the most anticipated performance in 2022 with a total count of 2,758 votes or 57.65%.

Fans are excited to see him perform in the action noir film, Sad Tropics, where he will play the role of a nobleman. It has been reported to be a very complicated and mysterious character which will completely transform Kim Seonho’s acting into something different that the audience has never seen him portrayed before.

Lee Hwa-bae, a movie critic and Baeksang judge, expressed delight to see a photo of Kim Seonho in a movie magazine, stating, “The film industry has gained a new face who has a strong fandom.”

The said film is expected to premiere in the second half of the year.