“Uncle” Starring Oh Jung-se Soars In Ratings

“Uncle” is a Korean series based on the British sitcom of the same title by Oliver Refson and Lilah Vandenburgh.

It stars Oh Jung-se, Jeon Hye-jin, Lee Kyung-hoon, Park Sun-young, Lee Sang-woo, and Lee Si-won.

The story follows an unemployed uncle played by Oh Jung-se, who struggles to look after his 12-year-old nephew who is emotionally suffering from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

It premiered on December 11, 2021 through TV Chosun with a nationwide viewership rating of 2.3%. However, as the story progressed, the ratings soar attaining its highest record so far of 9.3% nationwide and 10.4% in Seoul.

Moreover, it achieved a rating of 8.6/10 on IMDB and 8.3/10 on My Drama List.

Viewers liked the various emotions the drama conveys such as happiness, healing, and motivation.

As always, the brilliant actor, Oh Jung-se, captivates the audience again with his performance. The charm of the young actor, Lee Kyung-hoon, steals the show as well.

Here’s what other viewers liked about the show:

“This is a hilarious but touching and heartwarming drama.”

“Heartwarming plot. Great cast. Really good actors/actresses including the kids. Highly recommended.”

“Oh Jung-se’s acting is a topnotch! Maybe this time he can bag the Best Actor award.”

Genre: Family, Comedy, Music, Drama
Synopsis: It is about an uncle who struggles to protect his nephew amid blatant discrimination.
Based on: Uncle by Oliver Refson and Lilah Vandenburgh
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Oh Jung-se, Jeon Hye-jin, Lee Kyung-hoon, Park Sun-young, Lee Sang-woo and Lee Si-won
Written by: Park Ji-sook
Directed by: Ji Young-soo
Original network: TV Chosun
Date: December 11, 2021 – January 30, 2022