90+ Quotes: Snowdrop (2021)

Updated: February 4, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Snowdrop (2021-2022):

On politics and leadership

  • “The South or the North, the higher-ups don’t give a damn about our lives right now.” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger
  • “For money, they sold their agents’ lives who have been loyal to the country.” – Lim Sooho

“Don’t you know how important it is to be mentally armed? When the party orders you, you must obey without question!” – NK military leader

  • “They have no freedom, so how is it love? He says he loves them, but he deceives, exploits, and rules them by fear!” – Director Song
  • “The party would never order us to kill our comrades. The party cherishes every one of its people!” – Lim Sooho

“I know it’s great to have power but I’ll never trade my child’s life for it ” – Director Eun

  • “What? Political lives? Immortal? That sounds like some pseudo-religious cult.” – Director Song
  • “I don’t have the power to decide everything on my own. But I’ll do my best to persuade them not to hurt anyone.” – Director Eun
  • “Because one’s fashion, especially a politician’s wife’s fashion is like a message to the people.” – Ms Kim
  • “Ranks are what matter in the military but you know it’s different in politics. Code 1’s faith in you determines your power and rank.” – Ms Kim

“I’ll do anything for my men’s honor. I won’t let them die as traitors. I’d rather blow ourselves up to die heroes for my country.” – Lim Sooho

  • “Our ages don’t matter. Our husbands’ ranks do.” – Ms Hong
  • “Tumors must be taken out for an organization to run well.” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger
  • “You know how people are willing to kill their own family, cousins, and even children if it helps them become king.” – Ms Kim
  • “Despite knowing it’s impossible, he is trying to buy time. The almighty Lim Jirok is also just another father who loves his child.” – Commander Choi Suryeon

“Don’t let your personal feelings ruin our mission.” – Dr. Kang

  • “Don’t go against the flow. We do what we’re told without question. Absolute obedience.” – Chief An Gyeonghui
  • “They don’t hesitate to abandon their own agent. Will they really let us live as they promised to the North?” – Lim Sooho
  • “Though I yielded to their power since I’m weak, I still think they’re evil people who frame the innocent to climb the ladder.” – Ms Pie

“In this scheme for the presidential election, pawns like you and I are just tools to use and throw away.” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger

  • “This is the scheme the high-ups of our countries planned for the election. For them to win the election by a landslide, would it be better to rescue all of the hostages and make people happy? Or would it be better to kill all of them and make people furious?” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger
  • “If you’re right, that means the North gave up on our lives. The high-ups in the South, who don’t hesitate to kill the innocent to gain power, would certainly do that. But my country is different.” – Lim Sooho

“They don’t intend to rescue the hostages. Only to use them for the presidential election.” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger

  • “My country never gives up on the comrades even if they fall behind. The party considers the people as its children. They’d never abandon us.” – Lim Sooho
  • “They even play with the citizens’ lives to maintain their power.” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger
  • “As a revolutionary warrior of our dignified independent country, that’s the most honorable death anyone could ask for.” – Commander Choi Suryeon

On life, humanity, and survival

  • “The biggest mistake in my life was considering you human.” – Lim Jirok
  • “All those revolutions and missions, don’t you want to live freely without them?” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger
  • “You were a card to discard to begin with.” – Commander Joo
  • “Sitting still and watching the coffee being made like this strangely makes me feel at ease.” – Eun Youngro

“The eyes of the first person you kill will haunt you forever. The eyes of the person whose life slips away will follow you around when you eat or sleep, even in your dreams. Your life will be a living hell where you are chased by those eyes endlessly.” – Lim Sooho

  • “This isn’t any ordinary coffee. If you drink it, all your bad memories will be erased.” – Eun Youngro
  • “I may have decided not to kill yout, but don’t trust me too much because the party still trusts me.” – Dr. Kang
  • “Live as your real name.” – Lim Sooho

“No one can choose their country when they’re born.” – Lim Sooho

  • “Why are you dying to save the South Koreans who have nothing to do with us?” – Dr. Kang
  • “I will kill as many traitors as you want me to. But the person you’re ordering me to kill is a warrior of our country.” – Lim Sooho
  • “We weren’t able to become spies because we were strong from the beginning. It’s because we were trained to do so.” – Dr. Kang

“Do you believe your life is yours? It’s the life the party planned out for you. It’s not the life you chose.” – Lim Sooho

  • “If you and I were just ordinary people, what would it have been like?” – Eun Youngro
  • “He may not be the most loyal soldier, but he’s extremely devoted to his sister.” – Commander Choi Suryeon
  • “If I pray, will it be answered?” – Lim Sooho

“The world that exists only for one person? Does that make sense to you? How is that an equal world?” – Director Song

  • “You made the kid you picked up off the street into a sharp knife to kill me.” – Commander Choi Suryeon
  • “I can’t abandon them like our country did.” – Lim Sooho
  • “Decide. Is it the agents or the hostages?” – Dr. Kang
  • “Your life and their lives are different. Know your place and stop trying to be like them.” – Ms Pie
  • “It’s always an emotional prick like you that ruins a mission. You need to be coolheaded in a situation like this.” – Lim Sooho

“A single wrong choice can ruin your life.” – Ms Pie

  • “It’s better for you not to know. What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” – Chief An Gyeonghui
  • “I understand why you don’t trust me. But that’s for defending ourselves, not for killing you.” – Lim Sooho
  • “Release the hostages. He thinks our revolutionary warriors are his minions. We should teach him a lesson.” – Dr. Kang
  • “Your lives are nothing in front of that money.” – Nam Taeil

“If they do become heroes of our country, I’m sure their families will live well. But what parent can live happily with money they got for their children’s deaths?” – Lim Sooho

  • “Your party traded their loyal agents for money.” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger
  • “If you don’t bring back your revolutionary spirit now, I will kill you myself.” Dr. Kang
  • “We’re at such a crucial crossroads. The girls’ lives are not important.” – Nam Taeil
  • “Do you think that’ll keep your cover hidden forever? Your true identity will be revealed someday like me. And when that happens, you’ll realize you’ve lived for nothing.” – Ms Pie

“When did you ever treat me like a human? You treated me like some machine that took calls for you without any emotions or desires, and laughed at me. Like I wasn’t human since I wasn’t a college student.” – Bun-ok

  • “Your stupidity has put the hostages in more danger.” – Lim Sooho
  • “I wasn’t giving you a choice. I was ordering you.” – Dr. Kang
  • “I will do anything for you. If you tell me to die, I will.” – Young Sooho

On love, dating, and relationships

  • “By a good partner, you mean a woman with a good background, right?” – Lim Sooho
  • “Only lowlifes marry for love. The ruling class only marries for money. That’s what Engels said.” – Oh Gwangtae

“Romantic relationships begin with a tug-of-war. And the best way to win is to make the guy desperate.” – Hye-ryeong

  • “I wonder what it’d feel like to fall in love at first sight.” – Eun Youngro
  • “I think I can only leave without worrying about you when I know you’re wearing it.” – Lim Sooho

“It’s not that I miss you but I want to see you once more.” – Eun Youngro

  • “Why did you come back? You should’ve just left.” – Eun Youngro
  • “If I’d known it led to the inside of the dorm, I would never have gone in.” – Lim Sooho
  • “We will leave in 9 days. And this will be over in 9 days.” – Lim Sooho
  • “Everything I’ve done to you. That’s already too hard for me to bear.” – Lim Sooho

“There’s nothing I can do for you but watch. And that’s driving me crazy.” – Lim Sooho

  • “Does loving the girl who saved you make you a turncoat?” – Lee Gangmu / Black Tiger
  • “Being pestered by evil men isn’t a relationship.” – Ms Pie
  • “This is the necklace that I cherish the most but I’m giving it to you.” – Suhui
  • “If we ever meet again, I will repay you for saving my life.” – Dr. Kang
  • “I wanted to make you some coffee.” – Eun Youngro
  • “After you left, you didn’t call once so I was upset and hated you for it. I just erased it.” – Eun Youngro
  • “I held a gun to your head. I erased the memory.” – Lim Sooho

“I wonder what it’d feel like to fall in love at first sight. But the moment I saw him, I felt it right away. Our hands brushed just briefly, but my heart began to pound. Is this first love?” – Eun Youngro

  • “I felt like my heart was going to explode. Does this mean we’re meant to be together?” – Eun Youngro
  • “I promise I’ll keep you safe.” – Lim Sooho
  • “If you sing at a music cafe, I’ll go to that cafe everyday. Every single day, whether it rains or snows. I’d love to hear you sing.” – Eun Youngro
  • “Don’t worry. You know I’m like Superman.” – Lim Sooho

“I want to save you first because you’re my daughter.” – Director Eun

  • “I’ll stay by your side until the end.” – Eun Youngro
  • “As long as we’re alive, we will meet again.” – Lim Sooho
  • “If I take it, I can never give it back.” – Lim Sooho
  • “Don’t wait for me. The moment I leave this dorm, I’ll forget you exist.” – Lim Sooho

“Of course, love is more important than ideology or principles. Whether you’re a man or a woman, that’s the truth about life.” – Ms Pie

  • “If it can save your life, that’s enough for me.” – Dr. Kang
  • “You need it to live a comfortable life. Don’t make my heart heavier that it already is.” – Lim Sooho
  • “I hope you live an ordinary, happy life as Kim Eun-hye, leaving behind the lives you lived as Kang Cheong-ya and Moran Hill 1.” – Lim Sooho

“Young-ro, you bloomed flowers inside me who was so cold.” – Lim Sooho

  • “You must live no matter how hard it gets.” – Lim Sooho
  • “I never regret meeting you.” – Lim Sooho
  • “I’m leaving but I will remember you forever. Young-ro, I love you.” – Lim Sooho

Synopsis: Adapted from the handwritten notes of a man who escaped from a political prison camp in North Korea, Snowdrop is set against the backdrop of the 1987 Democracy Movement in South Korea.
Genre: Black comedy, Romance, Melodrama, Period
No. of episodes: 16
Starring: Jung Hae-in, Jisoo, Yoo In-na, Jang Seung-jo, Yoon Se-ah, Kim Hye-yoon, Jung Yoo-jin
Written by: Yoo Hyun-mi
Directed by: Jo Hyun-tak
Date: December 18, 2021 – January 31, 2022
Network: JTBC, Disney+