Park Solomon, Cho Yi-hyun Hit 1 Million Followers On Instagram

Two of the main leads in All Of Us Are Dead, Park Solomon and Cho Yi-hyun, have finally reached 1 million followers on Instagram after a few days since the premiere of the said series.

Both young stars had only a few hundred followers before the teenage zombie apocalypse was released.

Cho Yi-hyun played the role of Nam-ra, the Junior class president who is quiet yet highly reflective and intelligent.

Based on the buzz across social media, she seems to be the most favorite and talked-about character among the casts for delivering an impressive performance, especially when she got infected with the virus.

The young actress appeared in the famous medical drama, Hospital Playlist (2020-2021) where she played as Jang Yun-Bok, a medical student and intern who wanted to follow the path of the famous Neurosurgeon Dr. Chae Song-hwa.

Meanwhile, Park Solomon attains the heartthrob star of the show. He played the role of Lee Su-hyeok, a former bully who began to protect victims.

While his character had a crush on Nam-ra played by Cho Yi-hyun, many fans of the teenage zombie show also hint a great crush on the actor for his swoon-worthy height and good looks.

He appeared in the dramas Bride of the Century (2014), 4 Legendary Witches (2014), Horror Stories 3 (2016), and Sweet Revenge (2017-2018).

Cover photo: Netflix Korea