Park Eun-bin, Kim Seonho Dominate Overall Ranking Of Big Data Actor Brands

On February 12th, Top Star News released the ranking of actors with brand value for the week of February 5 to 11, 2022. The survey data was analyzed in areas including reading rate, reader recommendations, article comments, and retweet clicks.

Park Eun-bin and Kim Seonho dominated this week’s overall ranking of big data actor brands.

Park Eun-bin rose to 1st spot from the previous ranking of 5th place with an increase of total brand value from 9,426 to 18,022 points.

She also remains the #1 actor with the highest average value per article, obtaining a reading engagement score of 9,511 points.

It has been reported that Park Eun-bin is one of the main casts in the sequel to the hit film, The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion. The movie is expected to be released this year.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho also rose to 2nd spot from the previous ranking of 4th place. His brand value score increased from 9,457 to 16,833 points.

Kim Seonho is also currently busy filming for his movie debut, Sad Tropics, where he will play a nobleman. It is expected to premiere in the second half of the year.

Congratulations, Park Eun-bin and Kim Seonho!