90+ Quotes: Uncle (2021)

Here’s a collection of quotes from the series, Uncle (2021-2022):

On society, humanity, discrimination, and bullying

  • “Renters have to use the back gate.” – Jihoo
  • “Constantly saying rental or renters is extremely strange.” – J. King
  • “Everyone lives and works hard, no matter where they live.” – J. King
  • “What’s wrong with living in a rental apartment? So childish.” – Joonhee

“Bullies just want a reaction.” – Joonhee

  • “This is a community center, a place for residents. Renters are residents, too.” – J. King
  • “The opposite of a rich kid isn’t being immoral.” – Jihoo
  • “How will you survive in this harsh world by being such a weakling?” – J. King
  • “You can’t do this to the kids. Children are powerless.” – J. King

“Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t say everything you want to say.” – J. King

  • “All you do is bully people. You can never beat me.” – Jihoo
  • “If you had a good reputation to begin with, this wouldn’t happen.” – Resident Chun
  • “They don’t understand that the center isn’t important.” – Jihoo
  • “When rich peole gain money, they worry about where they could invest it. When poor people gain money, they wonder where they could spend it.” – Bar owner

“Even when you approach the public with open arms, not everyone will show you the same affection.” – J. King

  • “It’s easy to trick innocent and kind people. They’re easy to trap.” – Grandmother
  • “What do you get out of spreading rumors?” – Joonhee
  • “You know what I’ve realized recently? To live properly, you must have money and power.” – J. King

On career and dreams

  • “Who in the world doesn’t care about money the most?” – J. King
  • “When I was a kid, I really thought that money was the most important. But as I grew up and saw the world, I realized that money really is the most important!” – J. King
  • “I didn’t give up. You stole it from me.” – J. King
  • “My dreams were stolen when you were born, so you’re now my dream.” – J. King

“You were the only person who believed in me.” – J. King

  • “I don’t know what I am or what I’m doing. I’m a complete nobody.” – J. King
  • “I’m so happy. I’m finally doing music. I love it. I want you to hear me someday.” – Jihoo
  • “I’m the most talented yet untalented.” – J. King
  • “As an artist, inspiration comes at night.” – J. King

“If I write, it becomes a poem. You can hear harps and birds sing when I begin to write.” – J. King

  • “J. King can move people’s hearts.” – Teacher Hwaeum
  • “It feels like forced emotions. Like cooking stew with expensive ingredients. Like eating your own food and saying it’s the best.” – Jihoo
  • “I have stage freight. I can’t sing.” – Jihoo
  • “All musicians have a muse that inspires them.” – J. King
  • “Like any artist, I lose my mind without inspiration.” – J. King
  • “Don’t you care about what the kids want?” – J. King

“I wish my music gives hope when all hope is lost.” – J. King

  • “A choir is about balance, not the center.” – J. King
  • “If you focus on one instrument, everything is lost.” – Jihoo
  • “Do you know when they play best? When you focus on your peers and listen to them.” – J. King
  • “Everyone must do their part well to create a beautiful harmony.” – J. King

On life, pain, and brokenness

  • “Don’t hold hate and be cold to others. You’ll be the one left colder.” – Fisherman
  • “When winter comes, spring is close. Flowers will bloom soon.” – Teacher
  • “The reason we all stop behind a red light is because we know it will turn green.” – Teacher Hwaeum
  • “When I can’t find the words or express myself, that’s when I write songs.” – Jihoo

“There are so many reasons as to why people make extreme choices. Losing hopes and dreams, heartbreak too painful to bear, or maybe a deep secret coming to light. Or maybe, all of the above.” – Jihoo

  • “You can fix a car but you can’t fix beaten people. When people get beaten, it stays as a scar forever.” – J. King
  • “To mom, alcohol isn’t alcohol. It’s medicine.” – Jihoo
  • “Not saying everything is not lying. I didn’t have a reason to explain myself.” – Joonhee
  • “I endured the pain with alcohol and now I’m addicted.” – Joonhee
  • “My two hands begging every night. Raindrops fall like blood. Please just execute me.” – Jihoo

“Everyone has secrets. Secrets that you didn’t want others to know. A secret you wish no one finds out. And secrets that can never be told. But there are no secrets you can keep forever.” – Jihoo

  • “While I drank away my pain, my son was dying.” – Joonhee
  • “I get too emotionally invested when I write.” – J. King
  • “I shouldn’t be alive. The seed of misfortune. A little kid trying to be edgy. Mother should have never had me. Choke myself to death. Stop my heart from beating. Please stop me. Just kill me.” – Jihoo
  • “He always runs away under pressure.” – Joonhee
  • “I ruined everything. I’m a useless person.” – J. King

“Losing someone is the best inspiration.” – J. King

  • “It’s been 9 days, 16 hours, and 24 minutes since I came into this room, disconnecting from the world, cut off from all humans. I am in isolation.” – J. King
  • “Staying in the dark isn’t good for you.” – Jihoo
  • “Being away won’t change anything.” – Jihoo
  • “Giving up is losing.” – J. King
  • “Loneliness is a luxury I can’t afford.” – J. King
  • “They say the last days in life are spent alone.” – J. King

“If I let all negativity get to me, it’s only my loss. I must learn to love myself and protect myself. My mentality is the most important.” – J. King

  • “Most people don’t have an extraordinary reason to live. But we all have our small reasons to live for.” – J. King
  • “If you begin to feel fear inside about someone from your past attacking you, open your arms and hug yourself. Then pat yourself and say ‘It’s okay. Everything will be alright.'” – J. King
  • “Do you know what the cruelest thing is? Giving, then taking away.” – J. King

“You can’t break a boulder with an egg. But you can with drops of water.” – J. King

  • “I’m a donut without fillings. A guitar without strings.” – J. King
  • “When people only think about what they’ve lost, life will just seem miserable. Don’t forget that if something is lost, something is gained.” – Bar owner
  • “In life, there are times when you have to be flexible.” – J. King

On relationships

  • “I didn’t want you to be part of my futureless life.” – J. King
  • “You were the start of my life going downhill.” – J. King
  • “All family members are enemies. But if someone else messes with your family? You’re on the same side.” – friend
  • “All mothers are protective. She was just trying to protect her child.” – Resident
  • “I’ll be your fan and and be by your side forever.” – Teacher Hwaeum

“Before a woman, I am a mother.” – Joonhee

  • “If you can’t take care of yourself, how will you take care of him?” – Rehab Doctor
  • “He’s been brighter since you showed up. He depends on you a lot.” – Teacher Hwaeum
  • “Out of all my fans, you are my favorite.” – J. King
  • “Let’s go back to not knowing each other.” – J. King
  • “Just be on my side. You’re my bestfriend.” – Jihoo
  • “We’re family. Families take care of each other.” – Jihoo

“If we lose a single part, the whole thing is ruined. Each piece is as important as the other. That’s how life works. You can’t accomplish anything alone.” – J. King

  • “Stop blaming everyone for your problems.” – Jihoo
  • “If I can restore what they lost, I don’t care what happens to me.” – J. King
  • “It is said that a bag is the best way to make a woman feel better.” – Jihoo
  • “Isn’t her well-being the most important? What are you trying to protect?” – J. King
  • “I’m not your daughter. I’m your trophy. Now your trophy is destroyed.” – Chaeyoung
  • “I thought depending on others makes me weak. But I realized I can’t do anything alone” – Joonhee

“You don’t have to like me by yourself. I’ll share the same feelings.” – Joonhee

  • “I don’t want to be a burden. So this goes both ways. You can depend on me. I’ll help you with everything.” – Joonhee
  • “What parent puts pride before their kids? Have a kud and you’ll understand how they feel.” – Joonhee
  • “When a family gathers, there’s always a fight.” – Ju Gyeongil
  • “You have your flaws. But your kids need a mother.” – Joonhee
  • “You don’t have to be fancy or successful. Can’t you just be a mom?” – Mingi

“Even if we fail today, I’ll come everyday.” – J. King

Genre: Family, Comedy, Music, Drama
Synopsis: It is about an uncle who struggles to protect his nephew amid blatant discrimination.
Based on: Uncle by Oliver Refson and Lilah Vandenburgh
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Oh Jung-se, Jeon Hye-jin, Lee Kyung-hoon, Park Sun-young, Lee Sang-woo and Lee Si-won
Written by: Park Ji-sook
Directed by: Ji Young-soo
Original network: TV Chosun
Date: December 11, 2021 – January 30, 2022