Kim Seonho Continues To Engage With Social Causes

On February 14th, a media report from Naver revealed that Kim Seonho discreetly donated 50 million won to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation in December 2021 despite a rough situation in his personal life at that time.

Kim Seonho’s agency, SALT, reportedly declined to respond to the news or giving further information than stating that the actor wanted to continue extending monetary help and did it privately.

It was also reported that his side did not want to expose the donation activity in public, “Please do not disclose this to the outside world.”

In January 2021, Kim Seonho also donated 100 million won to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation, as his way of expressing gratitude for the overwhelming public response on his performance in the drama, Start-Up (2020).

His agency, Salt Entertainment, shared, “In return for the support and love Kim Seonho has received from many people, he donated with the hope that it might be even a bit of help for children and their families who are going through a hard time. As it’s thought of as a donation made together with all the fans who constantly send their love, we once again express our gratitude to the people who cheer on Kim Seon Ho.”

Kim Seonho’s fans, Seonhohada, also share with the actor in this act of generosity and engaging with social causes.

It has been reported in January 2022 that Kim Seonho’s fan cafe donated 10 million won and 100 hand sanitizers to the Dongmyeong Children’s Welfare Center. In addition, 5 million won worth of rice and 5 million won was also donated in support for the underprivileged at the Sanggye 3 and 4 administrative welfare centers.

DC Inside Kim Seonho Gallery also sent 12.5 million won to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation. Moreover, fans worldwide organized a fundraising event to help local groups in Asia stricken with recent calamities.

According to Kim Seonho’s fandom, they are doing these donation events following the influence of the actor’s heart of giving.

Cover photo: kimseonho_staff.diary