Fans Of “Hospital Playlist” Plead For Season 3

The medical-musical series, Hospital Playlist, is one of South Korea’s outstanding and crowd-favorite shows of all time. In fact, it is one of the highest rated drama on cable TV through tvN.

Season 1 in 2020 attained its highest nationwide viewership rating of 14.1% while season 2 in 2021 acquired its highest record of 14.0%.

In 2020, it won the “Best Drama” at the 2020 Brand of the Year Awards and is one of the award-winning Korean dramas of all time, obtaining 14 wins out of 31 nominations.

In 2021, it was selected as the #1 “Best Drama Of The Year”, according to a survey conducted by Joy News 24 which was participated by 200 entertainment industry employees, broadcasters, reporters, and content producers.

While it took 8th place among the most popular Korean series in the world on Netflix in 2021, it was the #1 most watched Korean show on Netflix Korea, surpassing Squid Game.

On February 8th, fans were delighted to see a reunion photo of Jeon Mido, Shin Hyun-been, and Ahn Eun-jin.

Meanwhile, actors Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, and Jeon Mido shared a set of photos with the 5 main casts in medical suit. It grabbed a lot of attention and became one of the hot topics across social media on February 14th.

The unexpected gathering of five well-loved doctors aroused curiosity and intensified the plea of fans worldwide for season 3.

Here are some random messages from fans on Twitter:

Meanwhile, here’s a poll for fans of the show:

Cover photo: Hospital Playlist