Lee Se-young, Kim Seonho Top The Survey Of Brand Power Ranking For Actors

In the weekly poll on brand power ranking for actors conducted by Top Star News, Kim Seonho and Lee Se-young both acquired the highest votes.

The survey was done from February 9 to 16, 2022. A total count of 484,890 votes for the male actor category and 727,440 votes for the female actress category were recorded for the week.

In the female actress category, Lee Se-young ranked 1st place with 216,330 votes, followed by Seo Yea-ji with 168,690 votes. Park Eun-bin took the 3rd spot with 150,860 votes.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho received the highest votes in the male category, obtaining 211,850 votes. Kim Yohan ranked 2nd place with 112,150 votes while Lee Joon claimed the 3rd spot with 25,330 votes.

While Kim Seonho is busy filming for his movie debut, Sad Tropics, Lee Se-young is reviewing the offer to lead a healing drama, Love By Law. Both projects will be released this year.

Congratulations, Lee See-young and Kim Seonho!