100+ Quotes: Forecasting Love And Weather (2022)

Updated: April 4, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Forecasting Love And Weather (2022):

On work and responsibilities

“I realized that you learn more when you get things wrong rather than when you get them right. After making countless mistakes and learning from them, I could finally see the answers. That’s how my accuracy rate rose.” – Ko Bongchan

  • “So the secret to having the top accuracy rate isn’t about how you get the right answers. It’s about how often you make misrakes.” – Ko Bongchan
  • “It may lack a commercial hook but it still has literary value.” – Shin Seokho
  • “If it’s that hard for you, find a new position while you have the opportunity.” – Oh Myungju
  • “Office romance will be the death of me.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “I know it’s easy to judge and talk about someone’s finished work. But don’t underestimate the pain and effort that go into creating the work.” – Taekyung
  • “I’m not a famous writer. My books don’t sell well. But I have my pride. At least I have a belief that my writings and drawings will have a positive and warm influence on the children who read them.” – Taekyung

“Work and personal life should be separate.” – Oh Myungju

“We’re civil servants. We’re not allowed to make mistakes.” – Shin Seokho

  • “It wasn’t a complaint. It was a threat.” – Oh Myungju
  • “Listening to the complaints is uncomfortable. But did you know that there are so many people affected by an ozone warning?”- Jin Hakyung
  • “Without a sense of responsibility or duty, you can never work here.” – Senior Forecaster Um
  • “Your well-being comes first before work.” – Director Han Kijun
  • “Everyone in this building knows how responsible you are. Right now, you need to fulfill your responsibillities as a daughter.” – Senior Forecaster Um

“Taking responsibility is important. But you aren’t the only who is working responsibly. We’re all professionals at what we do. We work with a sense of responsibility.” – Oh Myungju

“It’s not your orders that we don’t have confidence in. We don’t have confidence in you because you aren’t sure about your orders.” – Oh Myungju

“The reporters bash us all the time without good reasons. We should speak our minds. Think about it. Even though we’re known for being patient, we should correct them if they get their facts wrong.” – Ko Bongchan

  • “A reporter shouldn’t distort the facts.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “You’re neither logical nor factual. All you do is ridicule your subjects.” – Kijun

“Forecasting is a science. If you want to remain on my team, base your statements only on scientific evidence, not on your hunch.” – Jin Hakyung

  • “Experience is the most important quality for directors.” – Oh Myungju
  • “When there’s severe weather, an accident leads straight to casualties.” – Jin Hakyung

“If you delay decisions, people will complain more. If it’s ambiguous, people will voice their opinions and insist they are right. If you don’t give a proper order, nobody will follow your lead.” – Senior Forecaster Um

  • “When it’s hard to make a decision, go with the figures.” – Senior Forecaster Um
  • “You might not like me, but work is work.” – Jin Hakyung

On life and weather

“Stop trying to only predict tomorrow’s weather. Observe today’s as well. Look at the sky every now and then, enjoy the breeze on a rooftop, and gaze at the person you love. ” – Hakyung’s mom

  • “Even when we don’t know what to do or can’t tell right from wrong, we must make decisions. We must decide what is right and what the answers to life are.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “There comes a time when a simple problem unexpectedly becomes the most difficult one. When you are caught between a rock and a hard place, and you can neither go forward nor go back.” – Jin Hakyung

“Why bother looking for tomorrow’s answers when you can’t even live in the present?” – Hakyung’s mom

  • “Nothing is free in this world. You don’t become an adult automatically. I have to be responsible for so many things. It’s really difficult to be an adult.” – Han Kijun
  • “People aren’t interested in the first rain, but they sure love the first snow.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “Life is short, you fools. It’s like a cloud that’s easily swept away by the wind.” – Hakyung’s mom

“Perhaps there are no right answers in life. There is only the process of turning our decisions into the right answers. That is why we aren’t afraid to make mistakes. Because it’ll bring us one step closer to tomorrow’s answers.” – Jin Hakyung

“Happiness isn’t a given in life.” – Lee Siwoo

  • “This typhoon may be hard on us right now but in the long run, it’ll be beneficial to everyone.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “We live with multiple scenarios. Sometimes, the scenario you prepared proves right. If the expected scenario goes off course, it can lead to the worst outcome. The important thing is that whether the scenario you prepared is right or wrong, life goes on.” – Jin Hakyung

“There are many things we wouldn’t know unless we express them. So why did we expect each other to realize those things without saying anything?” – Jin Hakyung

  • “When body temperature drops by 1°C, our body’s immune system weakens by as much as 30 percent. This means that you become vulnerable to external attacks. The same goes for the temperature between people.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “There are times when the smallest words or even the smallest expression can turn the temperature of our heart cold. As soon as the temperature of our heart drops even by one degree, we can’t help but become sensitive and vulnerable to all external environments.” – Lee Siwoo

“You should enjoy a carefree and comfortable life. Doing whatever you want and enjoying all the free time you have.” – Oh Myungju

  • “Sleep is heavily affected by temperature. High temperature stimulates our central nervous system and hinders deep sleep. On such nights, we become lost in thought. When that happens, we end up having complicated feelings and that leads to more thoughts. And eventually, we become even more lost in thought.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “Cool, iced americano is an incorrect expression because iced means it’s already cool.” – Shin Seokho
  • “A small thing can change everything.” – Jin Hakyung

“We become victims of mischievous weather when we least expect it. At times like this, a rain shower would be wonderful and refreshing.” – Lee Siwoo

  • “Mischievous weather doesn’t only pertain to cloudy skies, unexpected snow or rain, harsh winds, and typhoons. Hot weather and high humidity strangely provoke you. You become cranky for no reason. You pick a fight for no apparent reason.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “Being embarassed in front of you is temporary. But I’d regret it forever if you misunderstood me.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “What if I love you so much that I want others to know?” – Lee Siwoo
  • “It’s no fun to gossip about someone’s past.” – Oh Myungju

“Life is always a series of unexpected events.” – Jin Hakyung

  • “At least you can calculate the optimal distance between ozone and humans. Some distances are impossible to calculate. Like the optimal distance between people.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Hedgehogs are like that. They get pricked countless times to find a suitable distance to stay together.” – Senior Forecaster Um
  • “We aren’t their emotional trash can. Why do we have to listen to that garbage?” – Oh Myungju

“There’s no need to go out of your way to pretend you’re okay.” – Jin Hakyung

  • “Past wounds are nasty. You think you’re all better now. But when you look back, they’re still infected. The deeper your memories of those wounds are, the more cowardly you become.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Like air stuck in a forest of skycrapers, you’re trapped in self-pity and pain. You spin around in circles in the same place and isolate yourself.” – Jin Hakyung

“We have different personalities, different principles, and different wounds. So it is only natural for the atmosphere to become unstable and an abnormal climate event to appear when we meet.” – Jin Hakyung

  • “Even if the same amount of rain falls at the same time, the impact varies from region to region.” – Shin Seokho
  • “When cold air suddenly meets warm air, the atmosphere becomes unstable and dangerous weather occurs.” – Jin Hakyung

“People think weather and and climate are the same, but they are actually different. While weather changes from day to day like feelings, climate doesn’t change easily because it’s like an innate personality of a person. When you don’t know someone’s personality, how could you flatter them? ” – Lee Siwoo

  • “Different principles. Different wounds. Just as cold air suddenly meets a mass of warm air, you and I have met with our differences.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “How many abnormal climate events caused by this decision will we be able to avoid?” – Jin Hakyung
  • “The climate pattern changes every three days. I’m bound to change, too.” – Senior Forecaster Um

“At times, we may encounter bad weather such as thick fog, yellow dust, rain, or snow. But through those moments, we’ll learn something.” – Lee Siwoo

“Our vision is so easily blocked, narrowed, and distorted by external factors.” – Lee Siwoo

“At times, I’m confused whether this inexplicable feeling is sadness about letting go of the passing season or excitement for the new season.” – Lee Siwoo

  • “The time between seasons is ambiguous. You aren’t sure whether you should wear thick or thin clothes. You hesitate between eating something hot or something cold.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “She’s smart and sharp about everything. But she’s clueless when it comes to what really matters for herself.” – Sooja
  • “The time between seasons is ambiguous. It’s hard to say it it’s cold or hot. But as the hot summer eventually comes after spring passes, once this ambiguous period is over, flowers of another season bloom before I even know it.” – Jin Hakyung

“Signals are simple. Sometimes they are sounds. Sometimes they are colors. And sometimes they are vibrations. They keep signaling to me that nothing is safe in this world.” – Jin Hakyung

  • “You can’t ignore these signals.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “My life is about to be flooded because I missed the signals.” – Jin Hakyung

“The weather isn’t always bad. There are sunny days as well as windy and rainy days. There’s always a reason for everything.” – Director Choi

  • “Sensible temperature is most affected by the wind. The temperature that people feel differs depending on the direction of the wind even if they’re in the same space.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “The world doesn’t care about who’s right or wrong. It’s all about who’s more brazen.” – Oh Myungju

On marriage, family, and relationships

“All storms are bound to recede. Everyone has their own storm. But if someone is by your side when you’re going through one, wouldn’t you feel safer?” – Jin Hakyung

  • “Do you know what the stupidiest thing in the world is? Breaking up out of love.” – Hakyung’s mom
  • “The way you looked at me made me feel like I could do anything with you by my side.” – Han Kijun
  • “Who cares if you can read the weather well when you can’t do the same for your family.” – Um’s wife
  • “Isn’t being in love enough? Is it necessary to become a family? But the world tells you that you should take responsibility for loving someone and that the only way to do that is through marriage.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “I may have been a terrible boyfriend, but I don’t want to be an awful friend as well. I’m only saying this as a friend who deeply cares about you.” – Han Kijun
  • “My father isn’t like other fathers. He has never cared about me or how I lived. So why should I care about him?” – Lee Siwoo
  • “Everyone else faces the same difficulties. But that doesn’t stop them from having babies. I’m confident that we can do it, too.” – Han Kijun
  • “My heart almost burst when I heard our baby’s heartbeat yesterday. It was the first time our baby talked to us, ‘I’m here. I’m alive’. And I replied in my heart, ‘I hear you, my baby. Hi, I’m your dad.'” – Han Kijun
  • “I’ll try to do better for you and our baby.” – Han Kijun

“People don’t care about breakups. They’re just curious about the reason.” – Han Kijun

  • “There are so many different kinds of fathers. Some fathers work hard but they always feel sorry towards their children. Some irresponsible fathers take flight and leave their young children behind. And some fathers are shameless and selfish when it comes to their children.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Which scenario should I choose in breaking up with you? Scenario one. Cling to you. Scenario two. Break up on a high note. Scenario three. Drag it out as much as I can.” – Jin Hakyung

“Didn’t you know? That’s the price of dating a colleague. People gossip about your relationship at all times even if you break up or don’t.” – Jin Hakyung

  • “Don’t apologize. It was my choice. I chose to love and break up. It’s me who needs to bear with the consequences.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “I thought he’d be much more mature. But he turned out to be a baby once we got married. He’s still a bit immature. I married him because I thought I could rely on him, but I was wrong. I thought he’d be on my side, but we kept disagreeing.” – Yujin
  • “No relationship is easy.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “You can’t maintain a relationship if it’s one-sided.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Getting dumped like that twice means I’m not suited to date anyone.” – Jin Hakyung

“Parents who give birth and blame everything on their child are the worst.” – Lee Siwoo

“Relationships change. They either improve or worsen. They change with time. And they are bound to change as emotions build up between them.” – Lee Siwoo

  • “What I fear is that the minor misunderstandings and disagreements affect our relationship without our knowing, and they drive us apart.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “Where did we go wrong? How did we end up looking down a path with no knowledge of what awaits us?” – Lee Siwoo
  • “There are various types of dads. Having a considerate dad is great. But I think a dad who lives his life to the fullest is also a good dad.” – Jin Hakyung

“You shouldn’t drag on your fights when you’re married.” – Yujin’s mom

  • “Overall, you’re a pretty decent woman. You’re competent, responsible, and take great care of yourself. As long as it wasn’t work-related, you were considerate toward me. It’s just that we weren’t meant to be.” – Han Kijun
  • “You’re not bad yourself. You’re hardworking, devoted to your job, clear-cut, and know exactly what you want. I can’t deny that you can be dense at times. But you weren’t that bad. It’s just that we weren’t the best fit.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Some things in this world are just impossible. Just like how humans can’t change a typhoon’s course, the same goes for my relationship with my father. It can never be changed.” – Lee Siwoo

“Lee Siwoo, a hot typhoon, met me, the cold air. And then, he eventually bid farewell to me.” – Jin Hakyung

“You were the most unpredictable weather for me.” – LeeSiwoo

  • “Loving someone moderately, liking them moderately, and being moderately stable is what I like to do. When I go over that line, I become anxious. I feel like I’m a different person.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Young people these days think marriage as some kind of practical insurance. That’s why they can’t even start because they look at conditions and benefits first.” – Hakyung’s mom
  • “A married couple isn’t a union of two complete people. Two people have to come together and become one. That process is called married life.” – Hakyung’s mom
  • “Having a lukewarm relationship where we keep a moderate distance, I can’t do that.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “Studying was the easiest thing in the world. Because you get good grades when you know how to do it. But the weather and family, I have no idea what to do with them. There are no formulas or manuals.” – Senior Forecaster Um
  • “Having such worries means that you’re already a good father. You know, I’ve never seen my father worry about such a thing.” – Lee Siwoo

“You have to work things out when you get married. Two people are raised by different sets of parents. They lived in two different worlds for years. How can they be hand-in-glove overnight?” – Hakyung’s mom

  • “Because of you, I got scared. I got scared of getting hurt again. So I couldn’t show him how I felt.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “So it wasn’t because Si-woo never wanted to get married. I was afraid that it’d get too hot, that I wouldn’t be able to handle it, that I wouldn’t be able to control my feelings, so I didn’t raise the last 1°C to the boiling point by doing everything in moderation.” – Jin Hakyung

“You see each other’s flaws better when you start living together. Understanding and accepting them aren’t easy either.” – Han Kijun

  • “What could be the end of our relationship? If it’s not marriage, what could be awaiting us at the end?” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Being tied to each other as a family makes me uncomfortable. And I don’t want the person I love to carry my burdens either.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “At times, even the most impossible becomes possible. Especially when it comes to men and women.” – Senior Forecaster Um

“Dealing with my daughter is the hardest thing. But then again, she’s the one who makes me smile the most.” – Senior Forecaster Um

  • “For me, marriage was a natural thing to do when the time came. Like how flowers bloom in spring and how the rainy season brings a downpour of rain in summer, it was in the course of nature.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “No marriage is always happy. There are good times and bad times.” – Hakyung’s mom
  • “When all is said and done, two is better than one, and three is better than two.” – Hakyung’s mom
  • “Because I hurt her, I’m worried about her, too.” – Han Kijun
  • “Living apart from your family for a long time doesn’t do you any good.” – Senior Forecaster Um

“I found myself falling head over heels for her. But the deeper I fell, the more upset and mad I got.” – Lee Siwoo

  • “If you truly love someone, you should be able to embrace their past.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “I don’t regret anything I put my heart into.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “We dated for 10 years but I still do not know you.” – Han Kijun
  • “Living together doesn’t mean you get to know each other better.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “What did you think marriage was?” – Han Kijun

“He says that the closer we are, the more disappointed we’ll be. And that the wounds we’ll inflict on each other will be deeper and more painful.” – Jin Hakyung

  • “We want to be close but we’re afraid of getting hurt. What is the optimal distance between us?” – Jin Hakyung
  • “How can you be married if you can’t rely on each other through tough times?” – Oh Myungju
  • “The moment it becomes legal, it feels like the game is over. It feels like you’re crossing the point of no return.” – Oh Myungju
  • “It’s a relationship where you can only get close by getting hurt.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “What’s the point of being able to smell the east wind when you can’t even read your wife’s mind?” – Ko Bongchan
  • “I want to keep my relationship separate from my living conditions.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “My heart tore into pieces because I was humiliated, not because I was heartbroken.” – Jin Hakyung

“They say the moment you have faith, you gain courage. The courage that helps you walk through even a thorny path with your loved one.” – Oh Myungju

“You shine brightly when you tell me that rain needs to meet another rain for them to get drenched.” – Lee Siwoo

  • “Do you not want to answer me or do you not have a choice?” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Just as loud noise is created when a cloud meets another cloud, I wish I could be bold enough to shout unconsciously in this relationship I have with you.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “Just as a bright light appears when a cloud suddenly meets another cloud, I wish being with you could shed light on the path I have wandered away from.” – Lee Siwoo

“I don’t want to apologize. I’m not sorry that you found out about my feelings for you. Because they’re genuine.” – Lee Siwoo

  • “The smarter a woman is, the more capable her man should be.” – Staff
  • “Office romance will be the death of me.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “Take more initiative. If you keep distancing yourself because you feel awkward, then you’re bound to become an outsider.” – Ko Bongchan

“I’ll be reminded of my past, but I’m hoping to make new memories here.” – Jin Hakyung

  • “Do you think earning money for us and not cheating on your wife makes you a good husband?” – Forecaster Um’s wife
  • “This is why breaking up with a colleague is painful. But then again, marrying a colleague isn’t something to brag about either.” – Oh Myungju
  • “I thought marriage meant communicating and sharing more with each other.” – Jin Hakyung

“Can you dispose of your heart just because it no longer loves him?” – Lee Siwoo

  • “I lost you because I was chasing my dream.” – Lee Siwoo
  • “There are too many things that remind me of him. The only solution is to dispose of them.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “You can’t undo something that’s been done.” – Lee Siwoo

“If we like each other, we can go out. If not, we won’t. So what are we? What are we to you?” – Lee Siwoo

  • “There was more than just a breakup at the end of an office romance.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “I will never date a colleague again.” – Jin Hakyung
  • “What happened last night was just an accident. Like a natural disaster. Two air currents that shouldn’t have met. Like lightning, if you will.” – Jin Hakyung

“Like the wind, an affair is invisible but it always leaves a trace. No matter how big or small.” – Lee Siwoo

Genre: Romantic, Drama
Synopsis: This series depicts the cheerful love story of people working in Korea Meteorological Administration who break, fall and rise up again, and their everyday life together in the office. 
No. of episodes: 16
Starring: Park Min-young, Song Kang, Yoon Park and Yura
Written by: Seon Yeong
Directed by: Cha Young-hoon
Original network: JTBC, Netflix
Date: February 12 – April 3, 2022

Subtitle translation: Netflix