2 Leading Handsome Korean Actors, Equally Loved By Millions

Two leading handsome Korean actors, Jung Hae-in and Kim Seonho, are still in a tight race for the “Most Handsome Korean Actor 2022” with only a few days left.

As of February 22nd, the poll conducted by King Choice has received 11.1 million of votes and the growing figure reflects that both actors are equally loved by millions across the globe.

From February 14 to 22, Jung Hae-in’s number of acquired votes increased from 1.18 to 5.05 million.

Meanwhile, Kim Seonho’s count of votes also increased from 1.15 to 5.00 million.

Both equally talented, handsome, and popular actors also dominated the poll on Twitter for the most talked-about heartthrobs in Korean dramas.

Past winners of King Choice’s most handsome Korean actors include Kim Soo-hyun in 2021 with 1,028,459 votes and Hyun Bin in 2020 with 4,270,071 votes.

King Choice is a K-pop and celebrity voting website and poll for The Most Handsome Korean Actor 2022 ends on February 28th.