5 Best-Liked Communities In K-Dramas

One of the wondrous things about K-dramas is introducing a community that enables the viewers to feel connected with the story.

There are many great K-drama neighbors and squads out there but only a few have a lasting effect.

Here are 5 of the most memorable and best-liked communities in the world of K-dramas:

5. Captain Ri’s Squad | Crash Landing On You (2020-2021)

Perhaps no other K-drama squad meets the standard of loyalty to its leader than Captain Ri’s subordinates in Crash Landing On You.

They may be North Korean soldiers who appear cold and intimidating, but this squad echoes warmth within. They will do anything to serve, help, and protect Captain Ri, no matter the cost. You will also laugh, cry, and feel their emotions as they embark on a journey to Seoul City, reunite and eventually separate ways with Seri.

Captain Ri’s squad has a unique kind of charm that has touched the audience’s hearts in a meaningful way. This community is truly one of the crowd-favorite squads in K-dramas.

4. Geumga Tenants | Vincenzo (2021)

The coolest community in K-dramaland belongs to the quirky Geumga tenants in Vinzenzo.

No doubt but they are the perfect combination of humor, talents, skills, and bravery. They are also the perfect squad for the Mafia consigliere, Vincenzo Cassano, in fighting against Babel and recovering 1.5 tons of gold. Amid chaos and threats, they exude confidence with their hilarious tactics yet killer moves. Don’t mess with them for they are the unbeatables.

In a world of evilness, this community shows that we can turn a tragedy into a comedy, as long as there is strong “togetherness”.

3. Gongnyong Ridge | Hospital Playlist (2020-2021)

It’s either we want their kind of healthy friendship or we want to be part of their world.

The friendship of these five doctors in Hospital Playlist is truly admirable. They met and became best of friends since they entered medical school and worked together as competent doctors in the same hospital. Amid a hectic medical life, they find time to gather in one place and perform music together. They named their band as “Gongnyong Ridge”. They know each other’s weaknesses, scold one another like real siblings, fight for food, and annoy each other like kids. And yet, they perfectly sync when they perform a song and analyze a problem together.

Many friendships fade and die but theirs stand the test of time. This community is one that is solid, lifelong, and genuine—the kind of “friendship goals”.

2. Ssangmundong Crew | Reply 1988 (2015)

What Reply 1988 sets apart from others is that it hits home. This community leaves a deep impression on its viewers for its simple yet realistic narrative of neighborhood and relationships.

Ssangmundong crew will remind you the lasting value of family and friendship. They will also make you laugh a lot, smile a lot, and cry a lot. Above all, it will bring back your childhood memories and make you miss the old times you had with your neighbors and playmates. Talk about nostalgia.

No doubt but Ssangmundong is one of the most heartfelt, relatable, and wholesome communities in K-dramas of all time.

1. Gongjin Villagers | Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha (2021)

What’s not to love about Gongjin in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha? Like Hye-jin, this seaside community will make you want to move and stay there for good.

The Gongjin villagers may be nosy and loud but they are the most heartwarming people you will meet among K-dramas. They send you food when you feel unwell. They sing you a song when you need company. They are the fastest to appear when you need a listening heart. They will fight for you and do silly things to make you laugh. They respect your boundaries when you need time apart. Best of all, you can be free to be who you are and grow as a better individual. That is, when you get known at your worst, you don’t easily get dismissed but rather fully heard, accepted, and loved.

Gongjin is the happiest place to be that serves good food, introduces lovable people, and brings healing to one’s mind and soul. It is the kind of community that makes the empty world for us warm and alive.