Baeksang’s Best TV Screenplay From 2012 To 2021

Wondering what kind of script or narratives make it to Baeksang Arts Awards? This award-giving body is known to be one of the most prestigious entertainment awards in South Korea that present awards to the most excellent Korean films, dramas, theaters, actors, as well as directors and screenplays. The Grand Prize (Daesang) award is considered to be their highest honor in the ceremony.

From historical-political to action-crime to melodrama to fantasy to romantic-comedy to psychological-thriller, here’s a rundown of Baeksang’s Best TV Screenplay from 2012 to 2021:

2012: Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon for Deep Rooted Tree

Genre: Historical, Mystery, Romance
Synopsis: When King Sejong the Great embarks on a quest to devise a writing system for his subjects in 15th-century Korea, intrigue ensues.
No of episodes: 24
Based on: Deep Rooted Tree by Lee Jung-myung
Other works of Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon: Six Flying Dragons (2015), Arthdal Chronicles (2019), to name a few.

2013: Park Kyung-soo for The Chaser

Genre: Action, Thriller, Procedural
Synopsis: Detective Baek Hong-suk world is shattered by the death of his daughter in political conspiracy.
No of episodes: 16
Other works of Park Kyung-soo: Punch (2014), Whisper (2017), to name a few.

2014: Jung Sung-joo for Secret Love Affair

Genre: Romance, Melodrama
Synopsis: A middle-aged married woman embarks on an affair with a talented young pianist.
No of episodes: 16
Other works of Jung Sung-joo: Roses And Bean Sprout (1999), Heard It Through The Grapevine (2015), to name a few.

2015: Park Kyung-soo for Punch

Genre: Political, Thriller, Drama
Synopsis: The recordings from the last 6 months of Park Jeong-hwan, an investigations command chief from the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office. This man says goodbye to life as he crosses a world that he’ll never return from.
No of episodes: 19
Other works of Park Kyung-soo: The Chaser (2012), Empire Of Gold (2013), to name a few.

2016: Kim Eun-hee for Signal

Genre: Procedural, Thriller, Fantasy, Drama
Synopsis: Detectives from the present and a detective from the past communicate via walkie-talkie to solve a long-time unsolved case.
No of episodes: 16
Based on: Frequency by Toby Emmerich
Other works of Kim Eun-hee: Life (2018), Grid (2022), to name a few.

2017: Noh Hee-kyung for Dear My Friends

Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Several friends share personal stories with Park Wan, hoping that she will write a novel about them.
No of episodes: 16
Other works of Noh Hee-kyung: That Winter The Wind Blows (2013), It’s Okay That’s Love (2014), Our Blues (2022) to name a few.

2017: Kim Eun-sook (Grand Prize Daesang) for Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Synopsis: In his quest for a bride to break his immortal curse, Dokkaebi, a 939-year-old guardian of souls, encounters a grim reaper and a student with a tragic past.
No of episodes: 16
Other works of Kim Eun-sook: Lovers In Paris (2004), Secret Garden (2010), The Heirs (2013), Descendants Of The Sun (2016), Mr. Sunshine (2018), The King Eternal Monarch (2020), The Glory (2022), to name a few.

2018: Lee Soo-yeon for Stranger

Genre: Crime, Thriller 
Synopsis: With the help of a gutsy female detective, a prosecutor who has almost lost the ability to feel emotions tackles a strange murder case amid political corruption.
No of episodes: 2 Seasons, 32 episodes
Other works of Lee Soo-yeon: Life (2018), Grid (2022), to name a few.

2019: Park Hae-yeong for My Mister

Genre: Drama
Synopsis: A man in his 40’s withstands the weight of life. A woman in her 20’s goes through different experiences, but also withstands the weight of her life. The man and woman get together to help each other.
No of episodes: 16
Other works of Park Hae-yeong: Two Weddings And A Funeral (2012), My Liberation Diary (2022), to name a few.

2020: Im Sang-choon for When The Camellia Blooms

Genre: Romantic comedy, Thriller
Synopsis: Dongbaek, an orphan who grew up to become a single mom, meets and falls in love with Yongsik, a do-gooder police officer in their small town.
No of episodes: 20
Other works of Im Sang-choon: Fight For My Way (2017), Baek Hee Has Returned (2016), to name a few.

2021: Kim Soo-jin for Beyond Evil

Genre: Psychological thriller, Procedural drama
Synopsis: As a killing resembling a cold case resurfaces in a small town, the chase for the truth falls on two policemen who each harbour secrets of their own.
No of episodes: 16
Other works of Kim Soo-jin: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo (2016), The Light In Your Eyes (2019), to name a few.