60+ Quotes: Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022)

Updated: April 29, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022):

On military, justice, and duties

“Power is a drug, you see. One that is even more addictive than money. Money and the people’s interests are what degraded soldiers crave the most.” – Yong Moon Gu

  • “Do you know why the military doesn’t change? Because of military prosecutors like you who are rotten to the core. It’s better to endure the abuse.” – Shin Min Cheol
  • “I am not guided by my passion or emotions. The key is to stay level-headed.” – Prosecutor Do Beman
  • “Two-faced superiors who only take credit without taking any responsibility are a junior’s nightmare.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

“There’s only one way to catch a spider. Removing the entire spider web.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

  • “Are you asking me as his mother or as the commander? I can shift my answer according to whom I’m addressing.” – Prosecutor Do Beman
  • “Sometimes a good subordinate teaches a senior a lesson.” – Prosecutor Do Beman
  • “I never doubted our destiny to fight together.” – Cha Wooin
  • “Since we don’t have any power, you should be the ones to correct a wrong. That’s the oath you took when you passed the bar. Who are we supposed to trust if military prosecutors are rotten, too?” – Shin Min Cheol
  • “I thought I was a skilled military prosecutor. But I was a piece of trash who only cared about money. Before I met you.” – Prosecutor Do Beman

“All the bad you did as a military prosecutor. None of that will be wiped away. But the past can sometimes become an answer with which you change the future.” – Cha Wooin

“Being in the military is like being in prison? This is anyone’s worst nightmare.” – Noh Tae Nam

  • “Consistency is crucial during a trial. Even a lie becomes the truth if consistent, and one inconsistency turns the truth into a lie.” – Yong Moongu
  • “Hot-blooded revenge inhibits you from seeing your opponent properly.” – Prosecutor Do Beman

“An investigation is based on facts, not one’s bravery.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

“No rank in the army is above the law.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

  • “Are you a prosecutor who fights for justice or one who is just smart?” – Capt. Cha Wooin
  • “I can’t respect him but I can’t help but be awed.” – Capt. Cha Wooin
  • “Captain Do, you will not be leaving the military. You will stay behind and fight by my side. Because that is your destiny.” – Capt. Cha Wooin
  • “There are no men or women in the military. Only soldiers.” – Commander No Hwayoung

“I will be your loyal hound, Wooin.” – Prosecutor Do Beman

“I wear the clothes of a military prosecutor but I’m a soldier.” – Capt. Do Beman

  • “The military is the pressure point of the rich and powerful.” – Yong Moongu
  • “Celebrities have to maintain their image or they want to erase their past and go to the battlefront. But a bank president’s son has no reason to do that.” – Sangki

“You need eyes on your back too if you want to survive.” – Capt. Do Beman

  • “I am a prosecutor. If I am a soldier all about command and discipline, I would be unable to judge criminals who are above me in rank. That is why in court, I cannot be a soldier.” – Capt. Cha Wooin
  • “The key point in every sport is posture.” – Capt. Do Beman

On life and humanity

“We’ve failed. We haven’t given up.” – Prosecutor Do Beman

  • “You’re not the type to walk away from the battle you are engaged in. I have now begun a battle of my own. I won’t let past events bring me pain.” – Se Na
  • “Let’s beat our demons.” – Cha Wooin
  • “Keeping familiar objects close. It’s one way to help with delirium.” – Cha Wooin
  • “His wrists and ankles are secured, but he keeps trying to escape.” – Cha Wooin
  • “Why did I take the fall alone? What’s the use if both of us get our hands tied?” – Prosecutor Do Beman

“Rather than focusing on a one percent chance, let’s muster up one percent of courage.” – Prosecutor Do Beman

  • “He always told me to be brave if the moment allowed it. Although the chances are slim, it still beats doing nothing.” – Kim Han Yong
  • “A true hunting hound lets none but its owner touch it.” – Cha Wooin
  • “It looks like it’s nothing but I feel like there’s something.” – Cha Wooin
  • “Perfectly faultless. When you uncover the real face of such people, they show a dark side that stinks worse than anything.” – Prosecutor Do Beman
  • “It was painful to watch from a distance.” – Cha Wooin

“There are those who stand out because they do one thing well, and those who do everything well but get kicked out because of one bad day. People are so fickle.” – Yong Moongu

  • “I waited six years for this single moment.” – Capt. Cha Wooin
  • “I won’t remain in the past that is unclear.” – Prosecutor Do Beman
  • “The past that is not resolved will infiltrate the present.” – CEO Kang

“Whatever pain we feel, we’re able to move on because we forget. Without oblivion, there is no present. But once the sweetness of oblivion makes way for awareness, there comes a moment when you must face the pain you forgot. That’s when purgatory begins.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

  • “A lesson can’t be learned unless it entails pain. For you to learn something, you need a memory you’ll never forget.” – Commander No Hwayoung
  • “We make dozens of decisions a day and a momentary choice changes our fate. Choice equals fate.” – Capt. Do Beman
  • “People think they can choose their own path, but they’re mistaken. The choice you make is part of your predetermined destiny. There is no choice that allows you to defy your fate.” – Capt. Do Beman
  • “To forget. When the brain causes something to be erased. Some say that forgetting is a blessing in disguise.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

“I’m waiting for you to escape from oblivion.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

  • “Sometimes, one’s memories can be toxic. In your case, it could be a blessing.” – Military Officer Yeom Sangjin
  • “Memories are in shards. A piece of memory that I lost is always part of someone else’s memory. Memories were only broken for a moment. They did not disappear.” – Do Beman
  • “Oblivion that’s called a blessing in disguise was torture for me.” – Do Beman

“I must flip everything around and see it differently. That way, I can see what the truth is.” – Do Beman

  • “Someone said that if you see the world upside-down, everything looks different. The sky becomes a lake and mountains become shadows reflected in that lake.” – Do Beman
  • “Money can solve many problems but I’m more interested in things money can’t buy.” – Yong Moongu
  • “Those studying law may be smart upstairs, but they’re known to lack empathy which seems to be true.” – Do Beman
  • “You seem like someone who can take a beating, but the heart must be quite fragile.” – Yong Moongu
  • “Is it cruel to say that your broken heart is what I need? Because that is something money can’t buy.” – Yong Moongu
  • “Money is nothing once you have enough of it.” – Yong Moongu

“A world where justice and truth are turned upside-down. You must flip things around to see them properly.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

“Having doubts about someone means that trust is being built. Once you get past the long, dark tunnel of doubt, those doubts turn into unbreakable trust. However, even trust that has been strongly built can shatter like glass once cracks appear in the form of doubts. And what has been shattered becomes the blade.” – Capt. Cha Wooin

“Doberman has been my nickname since childhood.” – Capt. Do Beman

“I bet you were teased. They’re practically calling you a dog.” – Chairman Noh Taenam

“Anyone who would dare say it was chucked out of the classroom. Student or teacher alike.” – Capt. Do Beman

“I don’t judge opportunities. Opportunities will judge me.” – Capt. Do Beman

Genre: Legal drama, Military fiction
Synopsis: It tells the story of Do Be-man who became a military prosecutor for money and fame, however he looks forward to his retirement day, and Cha Woo-in, who was born into a chaebol family and became a military prosecutor for revenge.
No of episodes: 16
Starring: Ahn Bo-hyun and Jo Bo-ah
Written by: Yoon Hyun-mo
Directed by: Jin Chang-gyu
Original network: tvN, Viu
Date: February 28, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu