100+ Quotes: Our Blues (2022)

Updated: June 13, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Our Blues (2022):

On life and humanity

“There is one thing we must remember in our lifetime. We weren’t born in this world to suffer or feel miserable. We were born to be happy.” – Our Blues

“A hundred moons. The hundred moons that grant our wishes. Instead of wishing for 100 things, I’m going to pray 100 times so that my dad will recover.” – Eun Gi

“What do you know about happiness?” – Yeong Ok

“It’s what you feel when you look at each other and smile.” – Eun Gi

  • “I’ve lived a long life. Lots of people die when they’re young. Dying at an old age isn’t that big of a deal.” – Ms. Kang
  • “Do you know what I hate hearing the most? Hearing that people understand me. You know nothing.” – Dong Seok

“Why would we get our hopes up? When did we ever expect anything in life? We always just go with the flow.” – Grandma

“No one can always have fun. This is normal. This is life. There are good and bad days.” – Jeong Jun

“If your depression kicks in and things turn pitch black, call me. Try your best to live.” – Dong Seok

  • “Thinking too much is bad for anyone.” – Dong Seok
  • “I feel like I’m in the dark even during the day. Even when I’m surrounded by bright lights just like now. If I get sick, it all just turns dark.” – Seona

“This is an illusion. The darkness isn’t real. It’s bright outside. It’s all in my head.” – Seona

“Why do you like the sea so much?” – Jeong Jun

“When I’m underwater, it makes me think I’m all alone. That’s what I love about it. There’s nothing in my way. It’s just me and the sea. Me and the abalones. Me and the seaweeds. I like the simplicity of it.” – Yeong Ok

“Whenever life feels suffocating, look behind you. You’ll find a whole new world.” – Dong Seok

  • “I live in the present.” – Dong Seok
  • “Come to Jeju when your life gets tough.” – Dong Seok
  • “Don’t tell me to stop being sad or to overcome my struggles. I’m only being like this because I can’t help it.” – Seona

“You can feel sad and cry. But make sure you eat and sleep, too.” – Dong Seok

“Get up if you’re done crying. Let’s take a walk.” – Dong Seok

“How does it feel when you’re depressed?” – Dong Seok

“It feels like a drenched blanket is covering my entire body. And everything is dark. Despite all those lights, I can’t see any of them when I’m depressed. It’s all black.” – Seona

“How can it be dark when there are so many nights?” – Dong Seok

“You can’t always have everything your way in life. That’s life.” – Hosik

  • “Just like this typhoon, everything will eventually pass by.” – Hyeon
  • “The typhoon just passed by. Let’s cheer up.” – Yeong Ju

“There’s no way he can tell if I want to overcome this illness or not. Like all patients who suffer from depression, I want to get better.” – Seona

  • “Sometimes, when I feel suffocated living on this island, I run all the way here. Because this is the very end of Jeju.” – Yeong Ju
  • “There’s not a single person who doesn’t know me here. I want to run away.” – Yeong Ju

“People always change their minds. The thing that makes you happy can suddenly make you miserable.” – Minji

  • “You didn’t seem to have any joy in life. All you do is chop fish. You make money and use that money to support your younger siblings.” – Han Su
  • “That’s just how it is. We both willingly gave up on our dreams. We were both the eldest of poor families. Our dreams didn’t matter.” – Eun Hui
  • “Being poor is sickening.” – Eun Hui

“Because I know how it feels to live with nothing to dream about.” – Han Su

  • “Meanwhile, you guys were busy doing a background check on him so you could dig up dirt on him.” – Eun Hui
  • “When you run a business, you sometimes lose money. Let’s just say I lost some money this year.” – Eun Hui
  • “Neither one of us deserve to say we’re his friend. He came to see us thinking we’re friends. But even now, we’re still talking about him behind his back!” – Eun Hui
  • “We have a son. At least show me your will to live.” – Seona’s husband

“Why do you move around so much?” – Jeong Jun

“Sometimes for work, sometimes for a guy. And sometimes because of a breakup.” – Yeong Ok

  • “So what if you’re the top student? You need to have manners.” – Eun Hui
  • “It’s mesmerizing to watch the sea from inside a vehicle.” – Yeong Ok

“What have I been doing with my life? I don’t even own a single building.” – Han Su

  • “If you want it at a cheap price, why don’t you just go catch one yourself?” – Eun Hui
  • “At times, I hated being poor. But back then, I used to laugh a lot when I was with you, guys. I wasn’t lame or exhausted with life like I am now.” – Han Su

On love and relationships

“I had never resented her in my lifetime. I just wanted to embrace and reconcile with her. I just wanted to hug her for a very long time and cry as much as I wanted.” – Dong Seok

“She never said she loved me or that she was sorry. My mom, Kang Ok-dong, made a bowl of my favorite food, doenjang stew. Then she returned to where she used to be.” – Dong Seok

“Make some doenjang stew for breakfast tomorrow. I’ll come by.” – Dong Seok

“I thought you didn’t like doenjang stew.” – Kang Ok Dong

“Yours is tasty. I don’t like other people’s.” – Dong Seok

“Why did you call?” – Dong Seok

“I missed you.” – Seona

“Do you still miss me as a friend or as a guy?” – Dong Seok

“As a guy.” – Seona

“What kind of a loyal friend holds a grudge like a stranger would?” – Miran

“Why break up when we’re in love?” – Jeong Jun

“What we had was just a long, meaningless, and empty friendship.” – Miran

“It’s okay for someone to hate you when they don’t know you very well. If someone who didn’t know me very well went around calling me names behind my back, I’d just laugh it off. But you know me better than anyone else in the world. That’s why it’s hard for me to laugh it off.” – Miran

  • “Friends can hurt each other, too.” – Miran
  • “It’s better to talk things out and stay married.” – Miran
  • “If I’m two-faced, then you’re something even worse.” – Miran
  • “You’re someone who thinks loyalty is the most important thing ever. So you want everyone to always think that you’re a loyal, great friend. But let me tell you something as someone who knows you best and has known you forever. You’re not that much of a loyal friend.” – Miran

“Had you been truly loyal, you would’ve confronted me and said you were hurt just like you are right now.” – Miran

“I was being sincere, not serious.” – Jeong Jun

“She pretends to be a close friend, yet treats me like her minion. What a two-faced brat.” – Eun Hui

  • “But even then, if I’m with you, it doesn’t scare me at all. To me, you will always be my shining star.” – Seona
  • “Not when Yeol thinks of me as a weak mom. I’ll do it when he thinks I’m the strongest person in the world. When he wants to rely on me. Not when Yeol is the only hope in my life. When I’m the hope of his life.” – Seona

“But just the thought of waiting for her makes me feel warm and tinglyfor some reason. It feels kind of nice. It’s not bad. It’s strange.” – Dong Seok

“That is what you call love.” – Jeong Jun

“Being here with you feels strange, awkward, and familiar at the same time.” – Seona

  • “We’re not brothers. We’re in-laws now.” – In Gwon
  • “No one in this house cares about me.” – Dong Seok
  • “I couldn’t ask the person I Ioved to ruin me. I couldn’t ask the guy who loved me to ruin me.” – Seona

“You can’t just thoughtlessly trust someone when they haven’t done anything to gain your trust.” – Jeong Jun

  • “To you, I’m probably just a guy you once grew up with. But like always, you’re still a woman to me.” – Dong Seok
  • “Just like back then, you seem rough on the outside, but you’re a warmhearted guy.” – Seona

“If my baby is baggage, then I must be one to you as well.” – Yeong Ju

  • “My baby, I’m happy that you’re mine.” – Yeong Ju
  • “Mom never abandoned me. She abandoned you.” – Hyeon
  • “How did it feel to get beaten by your own son? Didn’t it kill you? That was exactly how I felt” – Hosik

“You’re the only thing I have and you’ve always made me so proud. And you’re telling me that I was an embarrassment to you? And you refuse to be my son anymore?” – In Gwon

  • “Could I love a liar? No. Then what should I do?” – Jeong Jun
  • “I feel so alone, too. I have Hyeon and the baby. But I don’t have you.” – Yeong Ju
  • “I wanted to be a father you could be proud of. I wanted to raise you well. That’s why I spent every single day working.” – In Gwon

“It wasn’t a mistake or against my will. It’s love.” – Yeong Ju

“Don’t date anyone out of spite. And don’t date someone who likes you. Date someone you like.” – Jeong Jun

  • “Am I not worth having feelings for? Because I’m uneducated? Because I’m poor?” – Dong Seok
  • “Love never lasts. Our feelings for each other will eventually fade with time like they never even existed.” – Yeong Ju

“Here’s what I learned from my parents. Love doesn’t exist. Apparently, my parents were madly in love. But in the end, my mom abandoned me and my dad.” – Yeong Ju

  • “Are men just taught to say the same things? People who make such absurd excuses disgust me.” – Yeong Ok
  • “Why break up with a kind girl? For her sake? Then you shouldn’t have dated.” – Yeong Ok

“I don’t like girls who don’t like Jeju.” – Jeong Jun

“I like Jeju.” – Yeong Ok

“And one day, when life becomes difficult, I’ll think about you and all the other friends in Jeju. That will give me strength. Because it can’t be any more difficult that what you guys are going through.” – Han Su

  • “Neither one of us deserve to say we’re his friend. He came to see us thinking we’re friends. But even now, we’re still talking about him behind his back!” – Eun Hui
  • “There were crumbs. Enjoy the sea.” – Han Su
  • “Your arms falls right on my shoulder, just like when we were young.” – Eun Hui
  • “If you truly thought of me as your friend, you should have been honest with me from the start instead of dragging me here.” – Eun Hui
  • “You just thought of me as an idiot who was head over heels for you. Am I right? You used my feelings, didn’t you?” – Eun Hui

“Could I love a woman who has been in so many relationships in the past?” – Jeong Jun

  • “Today, I just lost a lifelong friend.” – Eun Hui
  • “You should’ve cared for both me and Han-su. No matter how rich or poor we may be.” – Eun Hui
  • “You always give more than what you receive from others. I don’t want you to do the same with me.” – Han Su
  • “My eternal first love, Choi Han-su. Goodbye.” – Eun Hui
  • “Captain, do you like me? I advise you not to. You’ll get hurt.” – Yeong Ok

“Stop being vague about it and make your move.” – Jeong Jun

“You’ll get hurt.” – Yeong Ok

“Then try not to hurt me. Why are you determined to hurt me?” – Jeong Jun

“Did you seriously think a man and a woman would travel this far late at night just to see the sea?” – Dong Seok

  • “Am I not worth having feelings for?” – Dong Seok
  • “There should be no shame among friends.” – In Gwon
  • “If you found me so cute, why didn’t you go out with me? I really liked you back then.” – Eun Hui

“Why are you still single?” – Han Su

“Because I couldn’t find a decent guy like you.” – Eun Hui

Genre: Drama, Slice of life
Synopsis: The series revolves around the sweet and bitter life of people standing at the end, climax, or beginning of life, and depicts their stories in an omnibus format against the backdrop of Jeju Island.
No. of episodes: 20
Starring: Lee Byung-hun, Shin Min-a, Cha Seung-won, Han Ji-min, Kim Woo-bin
Written by: Noh Hee-kyung
Directed by: Kim Kyu-tae
Original network: tvN, Netflix
Date: April 9 to June 12, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation by: Soo-Ji Kim, Ja-won Lee

Cover photo: TVN Drama