Hallyu Star Kim Seonho Receives Immense Love From Thais

The impact of Kim Seonho as a warm person and great talent is truly undeniable. Across the world, the Hallyu star continues to receive immense love and support from fans in various ways.

On March 31st, he was seen at the airport in Thailand along with Director Park Hoon-jung and others for the overseas filming of the movie, Sad Tropics (2022). It was the first public appearance of the actor after six (6) months of hiatus. Multiple photos of Kim Seonho’s arrival at “The Land of Smiles” circulated online, making the fans feel overjoyed.

Meanwhile, fans of Kim Seonho in Thailand made sure that his stay in the country is warm, safe, and filled with love. They organized various billboard projects displayed all over the city with the message, “Welcome to Thailand, Kim Seonho!“.

A digital ad welcomed Kim Seonho at MBK, a large shopping center located in Pathum Wan District, Bangkok.

A vibrant graffiti art from We Ajumma Thailand also welcomed Kim Seonho that featured his bright smile and a warm message that says, “We have been waiting for you.”

In another post, an artist was shown creating the artwork on the wall. The fan club expressed, “Love is the magician of the universe. It creates everything out of nothing. Our love to you is so powerful. I hope this can make you smile today.”

Multiple tuk-tuks or motorized rickshaws were also decorated with welcoming posters for Kim Seonho.

Another digital ad to welcome Kim Seonho was displayed inside the Siam Paragon Mall.

To celebrate Kim Seonho’s birthday in advance, his fan club organized a grand birthday project with three (3) giant billboards located at Paragon Mall. It features the actor’s timeless portraits and warm smiles. It will be displayed from April 12-18, 2022.

Kim Seonho with his team has been spotted freely roaming around the city in casual attire. He looks relaxed, peaceful, and in good shape. He is also receiving warm greetings and immense love from Thais wherever he goes.

Meanwhile, fans worldwide are getting more excited for the release of Kim Seonho’s movie debut, Sad Tropics (2022). It is an action film noir by the famous screenwriter-director, Park Hoon-jung, with its story revolving around an aspiring Korean-Filipino boxer who comes to Korea to find his estranged father. Throughout the quest, he stumbles upon a villainous group of boys and encounters a mysterious nobleman to be played by Kim Seonho.

The movie is expected to be released in the second half of the year.

Cover photo: SALT