50+ Quotes: Again My Life (2022)

Updated: May 29, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the Korean series, Again My Life (2022):

On political issues, crimes, and public duties

“A country can survive even after a war. A country can also survive disease and poverty. But a country without justice will not be able to survive in the end.” – Kim Hee Woo

“You’ve always been the hunter, right? It’s about time you experienced what it’s like to be hunted.” – Kim Hee Woo

“Fight. And make sure you win.” – Jeon Seok-kyu

“I have only one master. My master is the law. I only follow the law.” – Kim Hee Woo

  • “A brave prosecutor who fights to eradicate injustice. A warmhearted prosecutor who cares for the weak and the marginalized. A fair prosecutor who only follows the truth. An upright prosecutor who is tougher on himself.” – Lee Min Soo
  • “It’s wrong to accuse an innocent person of murder just to get a promotion.” – Kim Hee Woo

“If you were a lawyer, you’d be able to understand what it’s like to have to defend a criminal who should never be forgiven.” – Lawyer

“If I were a lawyer, and had to argue that an innocent man was guilty of a crime, I’d feel even worse.” – Kim Hee Woo

“Once you break the law, there is no compromise.” – Kim Hee Woo

  • “The law is a set of rules that the nation has the right to enforce and execute. If we keep changing it like you’re suggesting, it’s not a law anymore.” – Kim Hee Woo
  • “The law was created for the accused to make sure that no one is wrongly convicted. That should always be our priority, from what I’ve learned.” – Kim Hee Woo
  • “You need power to realize justice.” – Kim Hee Woo

“I am a brave prosecutor who fights to eradicate injustice. A warmhearted prosecutor who cares for the weak and the marginalized. A fair prosecutor who only follows the truth. An upright prosecutor who is tougher on himself.” – Kim Hee Woo

  • “You may be the powerful Cho Tae Sub in the outside world, but not here.” – Kim Hee Woo

“Economic growth may hold a country together, but there is only one thing that can bring about its demise. Corruption.” – Kim Hee Woo

  • “Who cares if I’m crazy as long as I catch all the bad guys?” – Kim Hee Woo
  • “I am a prosecutor and my job is to catch criminals.” – Kim Hee Woo

“No one in this country thinks that Cho Tae Sub is a criminal.” – Chief Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon

“Everyone is being deceived.” – Kim Hee Woo

  • “You can’t catch the devil unless you become an even worse monster.” – Grim Reaper

“A prosecutor targeting such a powerful man. Do you think it’s a winnable fight?” – Chief Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon

“It’s not impossible.” – Kim Hee Woo

On life, humanity, and second chances

  • “Trash that I must get rid of still remains.” – Kim Hee Woo
  • “Does the world give answers? Does everything in the world make sense? In this world, some things just don’t make sense.” – Kim Hee Woo

“It’s so easy for fear to turn into respect.” – Cho Tae-sub’s Staff

“To take him down, my life began again.” – Kim Hee Woo

  • “The fall of a powerhouse always starts with his family.” – Kim Hee Woo
  • “You don’t care about the future of this country. You just need an obedient dog.” – Kim Gun Young
  • “In life, missing the window can result in lowering its value.” – Cho Tae Sub

“Are you brave or just reckless?” – Hwang Yongjin

“Guilty ones are always talkative.” – Kim Kyuri

  • “The person holding the leash is not the master. The one who feeds is the master.” – Cho Tae Sub
  • “Even kids won’t lick someone else’s lollipop all over to steal it.” – Lee Min Soo
  • “Do you know when a man feels the most miserable? When he realizes that he doesn’t have soju while eating meat after a long, hard day.” – Hee Woo’s father
  • “People take things for granted when I continue to be generous. So when they are in a predicament, they come to me and beg for my help.” – Cho Tae Sub

“Money beats family. That’s how the world is.” – Chairman Kim

  • “Don’t view people as numbers. Unless restructuring is inevitable.” – Chairman Kim
  • “I thought you brought a fruit basket. I see that you brought a knife instead.” – Kim Gun Young
  • “An attack too aggressive could reveal my weakness, too.” – Cho Tae Sub
  • “People put off getting married and don’t want to have kids. Young people have given up on getting jobs.” – Cho Tae Sub

“You can only catch a big fish once the sun sets and the evening dew forms. You have to throw in your bait, gather up the paste bait, and wait until then. Just wait a little bit. It will be night in no time and the evening dew will form.” – Hwang Yongjin

“If you stomp when you walk, you’re bound to leave footprints. Those who follow your footprints won’t always be good people.” – Chief Jeon

  • “Everyone deserves to be happy.” – Kim Hee Woo
  • “Why can’t I just enjoy it? I guess I wanted validation?” – Kim Han Mi

“I’ve been given another life. I’m changing the future for the people whom I cherish.” – Kim Hee Woo

  • “Nothing is more important than your life.” – Chief Jeon
  • “Don’t put your life on the line.” – Chief Jeon
  • “If you miss this chance, you will fall hard like me.” – Chief Jeon
  • “It’s nice to have a teacher for each subject.” – Kim Hee Woo

“You see, conviction is useless unless you know for sure that you can win. Prepare thoroughly before you strike so you can win.” – Chief Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon

  • “One must always filter out bad advice.” – Kim Hee Woo

“You’re brimming with sass ” – Cho Tae Sub

“And you’re brimming with ambition.” – Kim Hee Woo

  • “I must live differently than before. I must become stronger. Much stronger. A lot more. So I can protect myself, my family, and everyone.” – Kim Hee Woo
  • “Manners maketh man.” – Kim Hee Woo

“Studying is the easiest and most doable thing in the world. It’s just that the world and people in it are difficult.” – Lee Min Soo

  • “What happens when you’re greedy? You lose yourself.” – Mr. Woo
  • “Compassion is forbidden when it comes to eviction. Your goodwill can come back to bite you. It’s good to help but if it fails, the person who received your help will start clawing at you.” – Mr. Woo
  • “That will wound you. And once you lose all your blood from being wounded countless times, you stop being human. You become numb to sorrow. Other people’s tears becomes a nuisance and will annoy you. By that time, you’re already a devil and a beast.” – Mr. Woo

“Don’t get tunnel-visioned. Look at the entire forest.” – Mr. Woo

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Synopsis: It is about a young prosecutor who gets killed while trying to take down a powerful crime boss, but is given a chance to start a new life for justice.
Based on: a web novel, Again My Life, by Lee Hae-nal
No. of episodes: TBA
Starring: Lee Joon-gi, Lee Geung-young and Kim Ji-eun
Written by: J, Kim Yul
Directed by: Han Chul-soo, Kim Yong-min
Original network: SBS, Viu
Date: April 8 to May 28, 2022

Subtitle translation: Viu