Korean Actor Son Su-kku Visits The Philippines

On April 27th, Korean actor Son Su-kku shared a series of photos on Instagram with the caption, “Philippines”.

The first set of photos showed the actor doing a selfie with a background of the cloudy sky, having a meal at a restaurant, including a sunlight view at his hotel room and the beautiful city lights from the plane.

The second set of photos include a sunset, selfie images, a group shot, a filming set, and Filipino kids playing in the street. It is not clear if the actor is in the Philippines for a new filming project or just visiting for a vacation.

Meanwhile, actor Son Su-kku is drawing much attention for his mysterious role as Mr. Gu in the ongoing drama, My Liberation Notes (2022). He works at a shop in the countryside owned by a family whose youngest sibling is played by Kim Ji-won.

In the drama, he lives alone, doesn’t talk to anyone, avoids people, and spends most of his free time drinking soju. As the story progresses, his real character emerges, displaying his unique skills and warmth as a man that make the viewers’ hearts flutter. With this, Son Su-kku is becoming the newest K-drama heartthrob for fans of the show.

My Liberation Notes (2022) is also gaining attraction for its realistic narrative that deals with life’s search for meaning and freedom from the mundane done in a detailed, reflective manner. It beautifully conveys the unspoken random words in our heads about our day-to-day living through the stories of three siblings and Mr. Gu, the stranger, played by Son Su-kku.

The ongoing drama is available for streaming on Netflix worldwide.