40+ Quotes: Welcome To Wedding Hell (2022)

Updated: June 4, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from Welcome To Wedding Hell (2022) Korean drama:

On weddings

“What I felt the most when I started preparing for the wedding was that marriage and love are definitely different.” – Na Eun

  • “Wedding halls aren’t necessarily sacred. We pay an admission fee to get in.” – Soo Yeon
  • “It’s common for couples to put their heads together and plan their wedding without any interference from their parents. That’s the trend these days.” – Jun Hyeong

“I heard couples fight a lot when they start planning their weddings.” – Na Run

  • “Planning a wedding out isn’t anything you can’t handle. The main thing is to find a place to live. So you’re done with it, you’re done with 80% of it.” – Lady boss
  • “Weddings are about choice and focus. So I chose to go for the one where you’ll be the focus.” – Jun Hyeong

“Are weddings about convenient transportation and good food? I can’t let my wedding be all about the guests.” – Jun Hyeong

“Do things change after the wedding?” – Su Yeon

“They do. If the circumstances change, so does the attitude.” – Hui Seon

On marriage

“Who told you that things will go smoothly? This is as happy as it gets. Just wait until you start getting things ready. Happiness ends and the hardships begin.” – Hui Seon

  • “Marriages only happen when the man has the will to get married.” – Hui Seon
  • “Why do I want to get married to her? Is it because I think she’s good enough? Or is it because I’m ready to settle down and she just happens to be with me? No. I’m doing it because it’s Kim Na-eun. Because she is the one I love more than anyone else. That’s why I want to marry her.” – Jun Hyeong
  • “You have no idea what kind of a hard road… No, it’s a path of suffering, actually.” – Hui Seon

“Being petty while you’re just dating is basically nothing. Wait until you’re married. You’ll feel like you’re being petty if you say anything but if you stay quiet, you feel as if you’re being suffocated.” – Na Eun’s mom

  • “I asked her to marry me so I should take responsibility. It wouldn’t be fair if I asked her to handle everything.” – Jun Hyeong
  • “Most people are just blinded that they ignore those signs by their ancestors. They end up going mind over matter and getting married.” – Hui Seon
  • “Can’t you tell how much I’m suffering by how bloated I am? Because of my wife’s nagging, I became this fat.” – Officemate 1

“If you know what you need for marriage, it’s time to apply it in real life. The party is over and now the battle begins.” – Na Eun

  • “Sometimes, you want him to figure it out and handle things first before you have to even say anything. But I realized that if I say nothing, he has no idea about every single thing.” – Na Eun’s mom
  • “If you keep quiet just because you feel like you’re being so mean, then he is never going to figure it out. You’ll be the only one suffocated ” – Na Eun’s mom
  • “You know what they say. Men mature once they get married.” – Na Eun
  • “If dating is focused on the happiness of the present, then marriage requires us to focus on the happiness of the future.” – Na Eun

“Marriage is hard and in-laws are even harder.” – Hui Seon

  • “They say going to the meeting of families is like warfare.” – Na Eun’s mom
  • “Being their son’s girlfriend and being their daughter-in-law are different.” – Hui Seon
  • “Girls like you who always overthink things, end up with crazy scenarios in their head if the man starts acting odd.” – Hui Seon
  • “Everything that in-laws say has some sort of hidden meaning and everything they do has a reason. You must know their intent and read between the lines. That way, your family is at peace and you will feel comfortable, too.” – Hui Seon
  • “Marriage is a trade where you have to get back exactly what you give. In marriage, you’ll need to provide labor if you don’t have money.” – Hui Seon

On money and lifestyle

“They must know that money is the one and only thing that can make or break a marriage, right?” – Na Eun’s mom

  • “If only my husband had saved up some money before we got married, we’d already have a house by now.” – Lady boss
  • “Money is to marriage what gasoline is to cars. Just like how you need gasoline for your car to move, you need some money to get married.” – Hui Seon
  • “Having a budget could help us be really efficient.” – Na Eun
  • “We can worry about the price later. You should go with whatever you want the most.” – Jun Hyeong
  • “It’s not about whose money is whose anymore. You’re at the stage where you need to put your money together.” – Officemate 1
  • “You must control your finances and protect your authorization certificates.” – Officemate 2
  • “We have such different views. What’s going to happen if only one of us is in control of our finances?” – Jun Hyeong
  • “In my experience, when a brand name is difficult to understand, it means it’s expensive.” – Jun Hyeong
  • “It’s logical to keep things like this basic.” – Jun Hyeong
  • “We have different ways of managing our money. So I think it’ll be better for us to manage our money separately.” – Jun Hyeong
  • “But you really only live one life. It’s not bad to go just a little overboard sometimes.” – Jun Hyeong

On life

  • “Laughing is the best thing you can do in these types of situations.” – Na Eun
  • “Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.” – Na Eun
  • “Making a move no one expects is what pros do.” – Min Woo

“Baseball and life are exactly the same. We’re standing on our own personal pitcher’s mound.” – Min Woo

  • “Listen carefully if someone’s giving you serious advice.” – Officemate 3
  • “Instead of stretching your shoulders out, I think you should get your thoughts out.” – Soo Yeon
  • “How is that being calculative? It’s being smart.” – Hui Seon
  • “I’m here to listen to everything you want to talk about, so don’t struggle all by yourself, and just come and talk to me. It makes me feel worse if you’re having a hard time all by yourself.” – Jun Hyeong

“There’s no need to worry about something I can’t change. ” – Na Eun

Genre: Romantic comedy
Synopsis: A romance that depicts the process of preparing for marriage between a couple in their 30s. 
No of episodes: 12
Starring: Lee Jin-wook, Lee Yeon-hee, Yoon Yoo-sun, Kil Yong-woo
Written by: Choi I-rang
Directed by: Seo Joo-wan, Song Je-young
Network: Kakao TV, Netflix
Date: May 23 to June 15, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation by: David Kwon, Brianna Swinderman