Five Meaningful Airport Moments Feat. Korean Actors, 2022

At long last, the world is slowly returning to its old and new normal activities. After two years of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic that has limited overseas events, Korean artists and fans are now ready to see each other again in person through various on-site activities.

Normally, the airport is the first location that overseas fans get to see their idols up close. Once a famous star gets spotted departing or arriving at the airport, news, photos, and videos spread like wildfire across social media.

Mostly, people take interest at the celebrities’ airport fashion, but in this article, we also want to highlight meaningful moments shared between famous Korean actors and their fans. Hence, here are five airport stories that became hot topics this year:

In no particular order.

1. Kim Seonho in Bangkok, Thailand

Hallyu star Kim Seonho with Director Park Hoon-jung were spotted at the airport in Thailand on March 31st for the overseas filming of Sad Tropics (2022). It was the first public appearance of the actor after almost six months of hiatus. Fans were so delighted to see him again that hashtag #KimSeonho became a popular topic across social media as well as several welcome back messages and Welcome to Thailand filled the timeline on Twitter.

Kim Seonho spent two weeks in Thailand and left the country on April 17th. The actor, his co-stars, and team were surprised by the huge crowd at the airport, cheering for him and giving all the love that he deserves. It was a meaningful moment for Kim Seonho as he responded with a bow, hand wave, finger heart, and thumbs up. Although he was wearing a face mask, his eyes could not hide his happy heart.

2. Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin from USA to South Korea

The newlywed couple, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin, returned to South Korea on April 28th after spending over two weeks for their honeymoon trip in America.

The appearance of the popular duo at the arrival gate of Incheon International Airport has drawn much attention that fans and media reporters surrounded them for photos and videos.

The honeymooners were dressed comfortably in casual outfit and caps. It is worth noting that instead of leaving immediately, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin made time to greet fans and stood in front of the huge crowd, displaying sweetness as a couple.

3. Kim Soo-hyun in Manila, Philippines

On June 8th, superstar Kim Soo-hyun arrived in Manila, Philippines for Bench’s meet and greet event. The actor’s fans who waited for him at the international airport were so delighted to see him again in person after a long time. Several photos and videos circulated online as well as hashtag #KimSooHyun was a popular topic on Twitter from his departure in Seoul to arrival in Manila.

Kim Soo-hyun arrived in a simple black and white outfit with an overall look that radiates handsomeness and star quality. The shirt he was wearing was from Bench, a famous clothing company in the Philippines that he endorses.

4. Park Bo-gum in Bangkok, Thailand

Park Bo-gum attended the presentation of Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2022 collection in Thailand on June 2nd. On the night of his flight departure for Seoul, he received a warm farewell greeting from fans who gathered at Bangkok airport to see him go. He kept waving his hand, giving his sweetest smile, as well as accepted letters, gifts, and flowers.

On June 3rd, Park Bo-gum took to Twitter his heartfelt gratitude for his short yet warm visit in Bangkok, Thailand, “I was so pleased to meet my friends in Thailand. Thank you for your warm welcome. I made a good start to June thanks to you. Until we meet again. Take care.”

5. Hwang In-youp in Manila, Philippines

The rising Hallyu star, Hwang In-youp, arrived in Manila, Philippines on June 18th for the meet and greet event with BYS. His fans waited for him at the airport and could not contain their happiness upon seeing the actor’s appearance at the departure gate.

He was wearing a black Dior shirt and comfortable jeans. Although he was masked, his handsomeness still radiates throughout his aura. Meanwhile, the Philippines is no foreign for Hwang In-youp because he lived for years in Davao City to study. So it probably feels like home for him coming back.