100+ Quotes | Alchemy Of Souls Part 1 (2022)

Updated: August 29, 2022

Here’s a collection of quotes from the first part series of Alchemy Of Souls (2022):

On mages, sorcery, and duties

“The star will appear soon. Then those leaving shall leave, and those returning shall return.” – Master Lee

“You are the King’s star who has been granted the power of the sky. This is not your end, Jang Uk.” – Master Lee

“What human would choose to give up on such powers?” – Jin Mu

“A man like you would never choose to do what she did. However, she did it for mankind. She did what was right.” – Uncle Park

“Does that mean that person becomes powerful?” – Kids

“That means it is a good thing. Well, I would not say it is necessarily always a good thing. With great power comes responsibility.” – Master Lee

“What are responsibilities?” – Kids

“It means you must also do things you do not wish to do, which can be very distressing and lonely.” – Master Lee

“How could you be willing to lose it all for a single drop of water?” – Mudeok/Naksu

“My pupil, you have lost all your energy.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Master, you have returned to being just Mudeok.” – Jang Uk

“I do not mind since we are together.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“I witnessed how the desire to win that power made people violent and evil. It is only right not to awaken the ice stone’s power.” – Jang Uk

“No one can truly own the ice stone. You can only use its power.” – Jin Buyeon/Mudeok

“Overflowing power means you will not be able to control how much of it you use. Desire rain and you will get a flood. Desire wind and you will get a typhoon.” – Jin Buyeon/Mudeok

“What are you? A relic of Jinyowon?” – Naksu

“How dare a soul living off my body call me a relic?” – Jin Buyeon/Mudeok

“Why did you hide it?” – Jang Uk

“Because I wanted you to die.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Then why did you come for me?” – Jang Uk

“Because I thought you would die.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Your curiosity will put you in danger. If you become consumed by your curiosity for sorcery, its darkness will take over your soul and you could end up losing everything. Once that happens, it will be too late to go back.” – Jang Gang

“It took us over ten years to finally grasp this energy. But there are those who can do that from birth. Simply put, they are geniuses. But to the world, they seem reckless, unreliable, and even dangerous at times. That is because they are different from the rest of us.” – Master Lee

“Do not rush yourself. One day, you will feel the same feeling that you feel when a fish bites into a hook.” – Master Lee

“I should get injured as much as I can, as much as my master expects of me.” – Jang Uk

“Fighting is like a game of tug-of-war. Your opponent will pull if you feign letting your guard down. That is when you should strike.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Uk may be losing but he is improving.” – Seo Yul

“All the pain that does not kill you will only make you stronger.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Right now, it may seem insignificant but your energy will soon add up and your energy will be as awe-inspiring as Lake Gyeongcheondaeho.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Is he trying to run before learning to walk?” – Master Lee

  • “A truly skilled individual attacks when their enemy least expects it.” – Mudeok/Naksu
  • “I may be a filthy girl whom everyone avoids but I refuse to serve just anyone.” – Mudeok
  • “So I am your master when you are in need but your maid when you need a servant?” – Mudeok/Naksu
  • “If there is nothing to reflect, a mirror becomes useless.” – Jang Uk

“Your master is neither strong enough to pull you up nor support you from the bottom.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“They call me Naksu. For wherever I go, heads fall to the ground. A beautiful name, is it not?” – Naksu

“I knew the moment I saw you, you are my master.” – Jang Uk

  • “You were not loyal but you said you knew your duties.” – Jang Uk
  • “You are too weak to handle and unsheathe your own sword. You are just as powerless as me. We are useless.” – Jang Uk
  • “So you survived. My pupil.” – Naksu/MuDeok

“Is this loyalty?” – Jang Uk

“It is my duty.” – Mu Deok

“Is that an act of stupidity?” – Jang Uk

“No, it is an act of vigor.” – Naksu

  • “I moved silently like a shadow, and the heads of my enemies fell to the ground where I passed.” – Naksu
  • “If he took a year, I will do it in 6 months. No, I will do it in 3 months.” – Jang Uk
  • “I got treated for free so I was told to work to show gratitude.” – Naksu/Mudeok
  • “It takes 10 years to gather this torrent. You got it for free.” – Naksu

“What is the point of unsheathing the sword when you cannot even hold it?” – Uncle

On life and humanity

“To protect what we must, one must sometimes choose to let go of everything.” – Uncle Park

  • “You are very pure at heart, so whenever you are being untrue, it is easy to notice. It just shows on your face. It must have been hard for you to hide it all along.” – Mudeok/Naksu
  • “Let us say goodbye to each other while these three breaths last.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“It looks like your wound is healing well. I know the medicine is bitter, but make sure you take it regularly.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“I will. I will take it no matter how bitter it may be. This time it will fully heal.” – Seo Yul

  • “I will be trying something not out of stupidity, but out of vigor. Just as my master has taught me.” – Jang Uk
  • “It is better to die than do nothing.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Be honest. How many rings?” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Just one. I will hold your hand as if it is a ring. This is a one-of-a-kind ring.” – Jang Uk

“They are balsam seeds. If you plant these right now, the flowers will bloom in three to four months. I could make them bloom in front of your eyes right now by using a spell. But I need to be slow. I would like to wait and watch them sprout, grow, and bloom. Can you wait with me?” – Uncle Park

“Of course. I will walk at your pace.” – Maidservant Kim

“Master Lee, you have been letting them go countless times.” – Jang Uk

“I do not have regrets about the fish I have failed to catch.” – Master Lee

“What do you mean? It could be a waste. It would be unfair.” – Jang Uk

“That is being greedy and obsessive.” – Master Lee

“I saw there is pure sadness in loss. Lately I am starting to understand why people feel sad when they see a river running, a season passing, and a sun setting.” – Master Lee

“Pull and get pushed. Earn one and lose the other. This is the burden that you have to carry.” – Jin Buyeon/Mudeok

“Please do not abandon me. If you do, I will cry a river.” – Jang Uk

“You say such embarrassing things so openly. You will regret it when you look back.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“I can always say such things if I endure the embarrassment. But I can never turn back time even if I regret something.” – Jang Uk

“Endure the embarrassment and be honest with yourself. That way, you will not regret anything.” – Jang Uk

  • “He may not be the nicest man but he has been very considerate.” – Mudeok/Naksu
  • “You are brave. You need the courage to be open about your greed.” – Jang Uk

“Are you hurt?” – Jang Uk

“Yes, I am hurt. I am damaged to the very depths of my heart.” –  Jang Gang

“Keep loving me to death.” – Jang Uk

  • “If I am to stay in love with you, I ned to be certain that you are mine.” – Mudeok/Naksu
  • “The heart is the most important. If you are in love, appearances do not matter.” – Maidservant Kim
  • “You are both piping hot. You have shared something. Are you penchance lovers?” – Shaman Bong

“It is not easy to quell human desires.” – Master Lee

“People can be very foolish.” – Crown Prince

“They are not foolish. They are frightened.” – Jang Uk

“Calling them fools when they are actually scared is negligence.” – Jang Uk

“Do not put everything on the line for something as fickle as love. If something like this ever happens again, and you find yourself in a life or death situation, give up on love and choose your life.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“What if I do not mind dying? Then can I hold onto it and keep loving you?” – Jang Uk

“If he and I shared feelings worth betting my life on, losing that would not affect the feelings we have toward each other.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“You cannot judge what is right or wrong merely based on the things you see. There are stories to everything.” – Master Lee

“If you try to hold on, people let go. If you let go, people try to hold on.” – Mudeok/Naksu

  • “Feel free to run away or kill me if you must. But if I devour your energy until you die, that will be unbearable.”- Mudeok/Naksu
  • “I will find the ice stone so that you will never feel the need to devour my energy.” – Jang Uk
  • “The fact that you are happy makes me the happiest man in the world.” – Park Danggu

“But even now, I cannot seem to step up and tell you that I know who you really are.” – Seo Yul

“That is exactly why things that taste sweet are dangerous. Once you have a taste of it, you desire it at all costs. You fail to distinguish what you can have and what you cannot.” – Uncle

“Some things are hard to see because they are hidden, not because they do not exist.” – Jang Uk

“You cannot get rid of something that has already been exchanged.” – Jang Uk

  • “This is a clear and dangerous signal. I am in love with this man.” – Mudeok/Naksu
  • “I never once thought flowers were pretty, but I saw these flowers and wanted to show them to you.” – Master Lee
  • “What I want from you are flowers, not weeds.” – Maidservant Kim
  • “If you hold onto me like this, I will never give up on you.” – Park Danggu

“You cannot grasp water but it is inside the soil. You cannot touch fire but it is inside the tree. You cannot hold the wind but it is resting on the rock. If you let them be, they will exist everywhere. The faint, blue light makes me sigh. My white breath turned into snow and tears. I could not let them drop and hid them, despite knowing that they will fill up once again. I am a fool who dares not shed a single tear.” – Words Of The Heart by Master Seo Gyeong

“I finally got to see you. I am glad.” – Jang Uk

“Wait there. I will go to you soon.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“No matter how pathetic you feel, you must do what you can at the moment. If I am not willing to do anything, I might as well just die.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“I was in a dilemma. I did not know if I should reply as your young master or pupil. Or just reply based on what I read.” – Jang Uk

“What did you read?” – Mudeok/Naksu

“Then should I also reply based on what I read?” – Jang Uk

“Also? What do you mean?” – Mudeok/Naksu

“It is written here: I will go this far just to see you. I can do anything if it means being able to see you. And this is my reply: I also missed you.” – Jang Uk

“What is there to a letter? As long as it delivers your feelings.” – Jang Uk

“What Uk and I share was the desperate feeling of survival and the earnestness of finding ourselves.” – Mudeok/Naksu

  • “When a man cares about a woman, what do you think that means? It means he is in love.” – Maidservant Kim
  • “You may not be able to see what other people see. But you are a special girl who can see things that they cannot.” – Jin Hokyung
  • “The reason you get lost when you have a lot on your mind is that you are too focused on too many things. When that happens, just try to focus on one thing.” – Mudeok
  • “I do not wish to get married by matchmaking. I will marry the woman who I like.”- Park Danggu

“Humans are incapable of seeing themselves with their own eyes. The only way is to see themselves through a mirror. So the perception about yourself is nothing but an illusion.” – Mirror spell

“When you have a lot to protect, you sometimes have no choice but to be heartless.” – Uncle

  • “But now that you are not here, I feel just as lost. Mudeok, I miss you.” – Jang Uk
  • “If we stay together, you will die and I will get caught.” – Mudeok/Naksu

“I do not know if I toughened up to survive or if I survived because I was tough.” – Naksu

  • “I want to give everything up and live a quiet life. But one thing keeps bothering me.” – Jang Uk
  • “I will take you to the top of the tree.” – Jang Uk
  • “Your spiteful words demotivated me.” – Jang Uk

“I could not stop her from leaving. I could not ask her why. The moment she sliced my sincerity in half, I could no longer cherish our memories together. It became a secret that I had to bury within my heart.” – Seo Yul

“The people I have met so far, only wanted me dead. You are the first person who tried to save me.” – Naksu/MuDeok

  • “Even if we meet again and come this close to each other, I will spare you.” – Naksu/MuDeok
  • “I am burning. Just like how my house and parents burned on that day.” – Naksu

“I would rather die than live like this.” – Naksu/MuDeok

“Then be my guest.” – Jang Uk

  • “I want you to be my Lake Gyeongcheondaeho.” – Naksu/MuDeok
  • “You said you risked your life many times for me. Do it one more time.” – Naksu/MuDeok
  • “Loneliness prevents you from falling asleep.” – Master Heo

“I am the only person who is safe enough to come this close to you.” – Jang Uk

“All my life, no one ever seemed to know how desperate I was. No one has ever risked their lives for me like you did.” – Jang Uk

“I feel miserable.” – Naksu

“Do not feel miserable. You have me.” – Jang Uk

  • “It is normal to pick on the weak. That is how the world works.” – Naksu/Mudeok
  • “He is handsome. It takes effort not to fall for a handsome man.” – Naksu/Mudeok
  • “Uk, just stand down, give up, and live a quiet life. This is the only way you can live.” – Uncle

“His back is not what is paining him. It is his heart.” – Maidservant Kim

  • “How dare I dirty the man I’m in love with?” – Naksu/Mudeok
  • “Breaking his heart must be more painful than getting stabbed.” – Maidservant Kim

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Historical
Synopsis: It depicts the stories of young magicians dealing with heaven and earth.
No of episodes: 20
Starring: Lee Jae-wook, Jung So-min, Hwang Min-hyun, Arin, Yoo In-soo, Go Yoon-jung
Written by: Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran
Directed by: Kim Seong-yoon
Network: tvN, Netflix
Date: June 18, 2022

Netflix subtitle translation by: Ja-won Lee, Soo-ji Kim, Eun Jung

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