What A Fresh Comeback! Kim Seonho Radiates Extra Charms In Touching The Void Interview

Omo! Kim Seonho looks extra glowing and more handsome in newest Touching The Void (2022) interview. And we can’t help but smile while watching!

Two weeks to go to the most anticipated and buzzworthy theatrical play of the year in Seoul City, Touching The Void (2022). The production is based on a book written by mountaineer Joe Simpson about his near-death experience in the 20,853-foot Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.

The bestselling book was turned into a documentary film by Kevin MacDonald in 2003 and adapted for stage play by David Greig in 2018. On May 13th, it was announced that it will be officially adapted for theater in South Korea, which will be directed by Kim Dong-yeon with nine (9) stage actors, including long-time theater actor Kim Seonho.

On June 23rd, The Best Play released a video, introducing the whole cast of Touching The Void (2022). It is an 8-minute video that includes an interview and glimpses of their pictorial sessions.

Kim Seonho sits on a black couch, looking fresh and radiant with his adorable smile and happy eyes. He begins with introducing himself as Joe Simpson, the role that he will portray in the play.

When asked what made him participate in the theater project, he shared that the theme of nature caught his attention as well as the lessons that the real-life story imparts and the cast he will perform with. Since the play is a mountaineering trek on a snowy weather, he worries about how it will look like on stage but believes in the creative effort of the whole production team and cast.

Nowadays, he likes to listen to the song entitled Tree by Car, The Garden, one of his favorite artists. The chorus part of the song says, “You’re like a dancing tree. The unshapely music inside is me. Next to you, my fears become lovable pictures. That’s all I need.” He mentions that he specifically likes the vocal style of the song and how it freely expresses the message, touching your heart.

Kim Seonho ends the interview with promoting the play, giving emphasis to the rich story of Touching The Void (2022) that is best experienced when you come to the theater and watch it live. He adds that he will do his best with his role as Joe Simpson.

It is worth noting that throughout the interview and behind-the-scene moments, Kim Seonho still holds that killer charms and eyes that radiate warmth. He remains the adorable heartthrob that makes you smile when he scrunches his nose, displays his dimples, and makes his signature pose. Everytime he smiles, you get bewitched to smile also.

Meanwhile, Touching The Void (2022) will be held at Art One Theater Hall 2, Daehak-ro in South Korea from July 8 to September 18, 2022.

Photos: The Best Play, SALT